Review: Acurus ACD-11 CD Player

Category: Digital

This is a workhorse CD player that I have owned for a number of years now. I like the Mondial stuff (before they were sold to Klipsch recently) and would buy anything made by them. The sound of this player is totally honest and revealing for an older design. I would be interested in trying the unit with an outboard DAC but do not have the budget to do it yet. It excels with any type of music. It replaced a Rotel RCD-845 player. I have tested it using the Pierre Verany CD test disc and it performs better than most players in the category. If cost were no object I woudl probably own the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 player but for the difference in price I am quite pleased.

Overall, highly recommended.

Associated gear
Aragon pre-amp and amplifier

Similar products
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I also own one of these and I think it is a good stand alone player and a great transport ( I have used it as both). Its a bargin at the prices I've seen it for used. TG