Review : Acrolink 6N-P4030 DIY Power Cord

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
August 2018 Issue

Acrolink 6N-P4030 DIY Power Cord

Here is a diy power cord available from musihifi Ebay store that you can build for $36. The Acrolink power cord is priced at $24 for 1.8 meters. It has three conductors. Two conductors are made from 6N copper and the other one is made from 4N5 copper. It has a very flexible sleek black jacket and gold lettering. The connectors are made from red copper and they are sold as a pair for $12, also from musihifi ebay store. I used this power cord with my Arcam Alpha 8p power amp and the results were very, very good. 

The first cd i listened to is the Ahmad Jamal Digital Works cd. Track number one titled, "Poinciana" , is one of my favorites. Listening to this track i noticed a nice taut bass that sounded like someone was bouncing a basketball in my living room. The piano had very good weight and accuracy. The highs sounded strong, clean and with nice tonal color. 

I also listened to the 2008 remastered Genesis Foxtrot cd. Track two titled, "Time Table". This song showed me that the Acrolink power cord is a neutral performer. The vocals seemed to be free of any coloration. I especially liked the rendition of the string instruments and percussion. 

It is sometimes difficult to find a good power cord under $50, but i really liked the Acrolink power cord. It is an accurate performer with very good bass, mids and highs. For audiophile newbies this might just be the perfect power cord for the money. Recommended.

Associated Equipment

Arcam 8P power amp
12-step passive volume control 
Audioquest speaker cables
Belden and NVA stereo interconnects
Sony DVP-NS3100ES dvd player
Goodmans Maxim Two speakers
Target Speaker Stands
I'm willing to bet it's fake.  A 1 foot piece of that Acrolink cable is around
60.00 per foot, not counting the connectors.  Tell you what, bring it to my house and compare it against the real thing, you will see and hear a difference.
Thanks! for sharing- honda6
"poinciana" is an excellent test track for any system.
Happy Listening!