Review: Acoustic Zen Hologram Bi-Wired 8' Speaker cable

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Over the years, I have used many speaker cables. Starting with Radio Shack cables and been on an upgrade path ever since, until Acoustic Zen, that is. I am finally happy with my Speaker Cables when I picked a pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram Bi-Wired 8’ from an Audiogoner for $400.00!!!

Prior to the Hologram, I was using Analysis Plus Oval 9, and compare to the AP 9, what a difference the Hologram makes!!! The difference is not subtle, where you have to strain your ears to tell the difference. It is immediate apparent, like driving a Lexus as compare to a Chevy Calavier. There is a sense of refinement and luxury and pride of ownership that comes with the Acoustic Zen. Hell, it looks better then so damn good and the build and sound quality are first rate!!! The value of Acoustic Zen cant be beat!

The first impression that I got when hooking them up is the soundstage. It was like 10 times more than the AP 9. There was like a musical details dam just broke and the detail floods are coming out of my beloved JM Reynaud Trentes. My listening room suddenly seems to expand beyond its physical dimensions. The Hologram is very smooth, never grainy, over the whole musical spectrum. I can honestly say that I have heard musical nuances that I have never heard in my system.

Extended listening session is a real joy with the Hologram. No listening fatigue like the AP 9. AP 9 is not a bad cable but I feel it is better suited with SS Amps and Rock music. I listen to mainly Jazz, Voice, Acoustic and Blues. The combination of the Hologram, Trentes and good tube Amp are a excellent match for this type of music. Because the Hologram opens my system up so much, I am replacing my Audio Sterling with Air Tight ATM-2. Next I will replace all my Home Grown Silver interconnects with Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference. By then my weakest link, always has been, the Denon Changer. I am hoping to save enough dough to get the handsome Sony SCD-1 or the gorgeous Shanling CD-T100. Till then I guess Ramen noodles for the next couple of months. This is one expensive hobby!!!

Hope the review is helpful. If you are in the market for a pair of quality Speakers cables, you owe it to yourself to try out the Acoustic Zen.

Associated gear
Audion Sterling ESTE
Denon 5 Disc Changer directly to Amp
JM Reynaud Trentes Speakers
Home Grown Audio Silver Interconnects
All DIY Power Cords

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I couldn't agree with you more about Acoustic Zen. You're in for a real treat when you replace the Super Silver with the Matrix, I have had both and the diffrence is not subtle.
My AZ Matrix displaced a lot of cables including XLO Ref, Sig, JPS Superconductor+, Harmonic Tech ProSilway MKII, etc... Finest interconnect I've tried or heard.
I'm switching to (possibly)all AZ cables. I'm at AZ MC2 digital, AZ Silver reference ll i.c's. I have a Tsunamii ll on the way (can't wait to hear it). I currently am running Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables...what about AZ speaker cables? which ones? Could they possible improve on the Cardas???

thanks, mike