Review: A & B Systems Inspire Mk II Sommer Interconnect

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January 2015 issue

As you recall, in the July 2014 bonus issue i reviewed the Teac LS-H265 speakers and found them to be a little harsh and forward in the highs. I recently found an interconnect that really smooths out the highs and gives the Teac speaker a much more balanced treble response.

The A & B systems Inspire Mkii interconnect Is a high quality starter interconnect that is available from the A & B Systems website based in Honk Kong. The cable sells for $20 not including shipping and is made from Sommer Source MkII OFC cable. The rca plugs are super high quality Gaofei plugs, gold plated and thick-walled, they really inspire confidence. I found this interconnect to be a perfectly neutral and solid performer. Liquid, smooth and musical they really made my Teac speakers sound better than i remember.

I have a cd by Dave Brubeck titled, "Trio Brubeck" and i like listening to track number six, Calcutta Blues, because of the bass energy on it. On a good stereo system, the bass energy really fills the room. The Inspire MkII interconnect conveyed this with good strength, texture and presence. The piano in the background was accurate and slightly brilliant, but also a little vague as to placement in the sound stage.

Joe Henderson came out with an excellent recording in 1996 titled, "Big Band". If you are a big fan of trumpet players you should check it out. Jon Faddis, Freddie Hubbard and Nicholas Payton are all on this recording together. Listening to this cd i noticed a moderately liquid and musical sound without any listening fatigue.

I wanted to see how the interconnects fared with vocals, so i dug up an old recording by Joni Mitchell titled, "Hejira".
Track number two, "Amelia", seemed to be reasonably neutral,smooth and clear. The sound was fairly clean with slight depth and airiness and the percussion was slightly tube-like in its presentation.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced starter audio interconnect, the A & B Systems Inspire MkII is your ticket.
I was really impressed with the quality of construction, most specifically the excellent Gaofei rca plugs that they use which are probably part of the reason they sound so good. They also sound very good sonically and mate very well with the Teac LS-H265 speakers.

Associated gear
Arcam 8r amp
Denon DVD-1000
White Lightning Moonshine cable
Teac LS-H265 speakers
Vintage speakers used as stands
Furukawa power cord

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