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6 Sons Audio Thunderbird Power Cable

I have recently had the opportunity to try the new Thunderbird from 6 Sons Audio. Being a power cord junkie I am always playing with power cords for the sake of experimentation and on several occasions have purchased cords without expecting the very best of sound. I have tried cords from many of the higher end companies as well as several of the Agon companies which seem to always have cables advertised or on auction.The Thunderbird was lent to me and my expectations of it were that of a mid level lush gold alloy power cable as many I have tried in the past. I was extremely surprised at the sound of this cable straight from the box and it has only improved over the past several hundred hours.I purchased it about ten minutes after I plugged it in as I knew this cord was a keeper from the beginning.
Sonically the Thunderbird has the transparency of the Synergistic Designers Reference cable, the quiet yet detailed sound of the new Dream State Veridical power cable and the smooth yet weighty sound of The Absolute Reference I have fallen in love with. How a thin cord , flat and braided, sounds like the above cord's better qualities I do not know but I do know that after a few hundred hours of the Thunderbird in my system I have purchased 3 more to recable my system and am giving the Windigo cord(the 7 stranded per pole cord) 21 strands total a try on my high powered components. I am obviously extremely impressed with the Thunderbird especially with burn in.The cord is composed of 12 strands total of gold alloy conductor each wire being individually wrapped in Teflon and each of the 3 runs is covered with mesh and braided to Oyaide connectors. My Thunderbird has the Oyaide 79P and 79C connectors. The cord itself is a thin braided cord which sounds a lot better than would be expected from a cord without the beefy looks of my other good cords. I highly recommend this cord as it is one of the better cords I have ever tried in any of my systems.

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Hales T5 Speakers
Pass X250.5 amp
Pass X1 Preamp
Talk Electronics Thunder3.1b CDP
Magnium Dynalab Etude/MD100
Hydra6 ac conditioner
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I own four(4) Windigo power cords by 6 Sons Audio and they are absolutely fantastic. I must start by saying that I am not an electronic junky or techno geek(sorry geeks!), but I thoroughly enjoy the sweet sound of music. I have tried a few other power cords - Electraglide Epiphany X and XLO to name a few and the Windigo are head and shoulders above these cords. The first thing I noticed when I plugged in the Windigo was their ultimate transparency, speed and agility. Voices were cleaner, sharper and imaging was greatly improved with better instrument separation. These cords are by no means bright or etched - they cut like a knife with great musical precision and explode with dynamic verve and are dead quiet. I use them on my active PMC speakers with awesome results - the rythmic drive and timbre these cords produced on these speakers was an eye opener to say the least, incredibly dynamic. I also use the Windigo on my pre amp, phono stage and cdp with great success. The Windigos, although beautifully built don't meet your stereotypical power cord look. They are very flexible and light, some may consider them featherweights -in boxing terms - but plug them in and get ready for a pleasant surprise, these cords produce music like no other cord in this price range and although I have never compared them to the big boys I wouldn't be shocked to hear them hold their own...flat out awesome power cord.

I must also touch on the customer service I recieved from 6 Sons Audio. This gentleman shoots from the hip, is honest as the day is long and will go to great lengths to make a customer happy. He believes in what he sells and stands behind everything.

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Gary is pretty good to deal with. I look forward to the possibiility of one day having a couple of Windigo's to use on my Hydra and amp. They are not the least expensive cords out there but when you consider the Acrolink connectors alone these cords have got to be pretty good. I love the Thunderbird and can only imagine the benefits the Windigo will bring to my system. I am saving money to purchase a couple as if they follow the Thunderbird in terms of sonics then they will probably be the best cords I'll ever have in my system. These cords having twice the amount of conductor as the Thunderbird and using the Acrolink connectors must be awesome.I shall rave I'm sure when I have availability to purchase one or two.
Gary truly is on to something with his new line of cables.

Wow!!! at last a powercord that excel any that I have ever heard. I recently owned the $4,000.00 Iso-clean supremefocus , the top 0 the line purist, just to name a couple, but the cords
That I have tried cannot come close to the Windigo's from 6 sons audio. Gary is the owner, full of integrity and knowledge. Before you dump a load of cash, give Gary's cord a listen. You won't be sorry believe me.
I demoed the Thunderbird as well as the Windigo cord that others have referenced above on my Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks. Oh man, they both made big sonic impacts on my system.

The Thunderbird power cord caused an increase in soundstage, a blacker background, and an increase in the separation of instruments. I found it made my digital system sound more natural, accurate, and just caused an overall "tube" sweetness. I also found it to lean slightly to the warmer side of neutral.

The Windigo sounded quite different on my amps than the Thunderbird. It took a black background, separation of instruments to another level yet. This cord is definitely more neutral and dynamic.

I have recently demoed the Black Sand Silver Reference MKV and both of the above cords smoked this cord in every way in my contest. I don't know how much 6Sons is selling the Windigo for, but for sure, the Thunderbird is an absolute steal at the asking price. You could not ask for a better dealer. Thank you Gary.

The Windigo sounds very interesting. I visited the website but no info on the cords, no pricing, etc.
The Windigo sounds very interesting. I visited the website but no info on the cords, no pricing, etc.
Tmhaudio (Answers)

Yes. What's the pricing on the Windigo power cord?

Answer: $900 (per 6Sonsaudio).
I pucharsed two thunderbird cords from 6 sons audio and have had them in my system for about two months now. I've compared them to a ps audio statement cord and a couple of other cords from local shops around here. All I can say is they've taken my system to a new level for sure. Just a bigger soundstage than the other cords and a clearer midrange. My whole system is sounding very musical with the thunderbird cords. I'm very gald I had the opportunity to try these cables before I spent way more money on a lesser product.

Thanks Gary
I for a change ordered another Thunderbird but this time with the Oyaide 004 P and C connectors. The same awesome cable but with more punch. I'm wanting yet another and am hoping to get one soon. These smaller looking braided cables sure do outperform a lot of the "big boys" I've tried at thousands of dollars more. I'm very impressed with these cables. And when I have the funds,,, A Windigo. I can 't wait
I purchased two of the Windigo cords. Over the past several years many different brands of pcs passed through my system. Unless my ears and memory are playing tricks these are by far the best I have used. Highly recommended.
I recently purchased a Consonance Linear CD player from Gary and he sent me a Thunderbird cable to try with it. Well it fell into the "wow what a difference" category in my system. I was already using a PS Audio Plus cord and thought I had my power cords needs taken care of. I will be purchasing more cords from Gary and may even try the Windigo as well. What I noticed was much more punch from my system and greater clarity in the upper mids and vocals in my system.

Also Gary is a true gentleman to deal with. I will definitely be dealing with him again.
I have been using Thuenderbids for a while.
Them are outstanding value for the price.
Transparent and fast may define them in all the aplications and with connectors rolling.

Them replaced my Lessloss cords on my Audion Appollo's amps.

The best connector configuration IMHO for them are :
Furutech F-50´s and Oyaide 046 or 079.
Prefered on sources : Male f-50 and IEC 079.
On amps : Male 046 and F-50 as IEC.