Reverse Speaker Selector

Im having trouble finding a good way to run two sources into one pair of speakers. I have a pair of Dahlquist DQ-10's and a HT reciever right now, but id like to run them through a better stereo set-up for 2-channel stuff. I found a few multi-zone speaker selectors that let you hook up two sources, but they all have a power limit on them (ie 50W, 100W). With the dahlquists id like to run quite a bit more than that into them so that doesnt work. If anyone knows of some way to do this any help is appreciated.
Check this out:

The DPS-1 is rated for 350WPC.

Here's another idea:

Setup your DQ-10s attached directly to your new and better amp/pre-amp combo (no speaker selector or switch). Then setup your HT receiver as an input on the 2-channel pre-amp.

This would give you the best 2-channel sound (no extra wires, connectors, or switches in the way). When you want to do HT, you just pick the HT input.

I'll leave it to others to tell you how to do this with your HT receiver!

- Eric
Can i do this without pre-outs on the HT reciever?
I'm confused.
You want to run 2 amps into one speaker???

Or you want to run 2 sources (cd player, dvd player, tv, radio) into one set of speakers?
I want to run a surround reciever into the speakers, as well as a 2 channel preamp/amp into the same speakers. I realize that this would be easy if the surround reciever had pre-outs and i could just that with a seperate power amp for the main channels.
You don't have pre-outs on the HT receiver, eh? or (I forget which) has a small device that takes speaker output and turns it into line level input -- for exactly that situation. I have never used this device, so I can't vouch for sound quality.

Still preferable to the switch at the speakers, I think, but you could check out the aforementioned 350wpc switch.

- eric
What about building a simple little switch box, like a pair of dpdt high amp switches in a little box? It seems like too simple of a solution....