Reverse biwire speaker cables?

Would I be able to reverse a pair of biwired speaker cables that I have on hand? My amp has the capability for 4 outs per channel. Could I use the 2 termination end for the speaker? Why would I want to do this, you ask? The terminals to my new speakers are too far apart for the standard biwire configuration. To save money, I was hoping to avoid buying 2 separate runs per channel and just reverse the biwire cable I already have and use a pair of long jumpers. Possible? Would I damage anything? Obviously, I am not technically inclined. I've e-mailed the amplifier tech support department but never received a reply.
Just use the cables from the amp as intended & tape off the extra terminations at the speaker end, to avoid causing a short. You can either use a jumper or another set of cables from the amp.
There is no problem doing what you want to do other than if the cables have some type of network box or "directionality" to them. I would not suggest leaving any cables that are connected to the amp unattached at the speaker end. This could open up the door for the cable to act as an antenna for RFI along with playing games with impedances that the amplifier sees. Sean
I'd like to add more. If you use both amp outputs there's a possibility that there will be a problem, such as a resistive load when both sets of terminals are used which may or may not cause a problem with the amp & again may or may not cause a degradation to the sound quality. Depends on if the outputs will be bridged, on the load impedance, running in parallel & whatever else goes on when you do this.

You could also stack the bi-wire ends at the speaker if there's room & still use a jumper. It depends on the terminations of all involved.
If you have bi-wire cables and non-biwire speakers, just put both + wires together (and minus) on the single speaker terminal. Then run a jumper.

Your speakers were probably designed for two separate pairs of speaker cables, instead of an internal biwire pair.

The two sets of outputs on the amp are probably wired together inside the amp. There is no benefit connecting all 4 separately.
get monster "powerconnect" version of exterminators which allow you to piggy-back 1 xterminator into another. Use 2 for each side of your speaker input binding posts and connect your four separate wires to each one accordingly.