Reverb, what a joke

Reverb wants to be a big time operator but they just can't figure it out......About half the stuff I buy is either broke or misrepresented ....So when you are trying to get somebody to do something they send you down the (email everybody) path so they don't have to do anything ....and then your 7 day claim period runs out and you can't do anything......Most of the sellers on there know this so they won't respond in the first 7 days , and you lose the return possibility .............This has happened every time I have a problem on Reverb..........With e-bay , you hit the (return item button) and its done......W


Wow, very sorry to hear that. Within the past 10 years I've probably purchased about 20 things off of Reverb, and never had a problem. I always had great communication with sellers, my items were always shipped quickly, and I never had to return anything. Very sorry to hear you're having problems with them, and your sellers.  

I agree,  My one purchase on reverb was my last purchase on reverb. It was a used cartridge that after about a week or so the stylus suddenly broke while placing in a groove.  It had to have been damaged but being new on the scene I didn't know what I was doing.  

I just bought a SME 3009 tonearm that got broken in shipping, the seller agreed to pay for the parts to fix it, which I ordered......Now the seller has dropped out, I emailed Reverb and they say I need to make a claim in the first 7 days, which I didn't do because the seller said he would help with the parts......Now the seven days have passed and everybody has dropped out......But there's always Pay-Pal, they will save the day and get my money back.......I have bought over 10 items from this seller and I though he would take care of business, but I find that the Reverb seller knows the tricks of Reverb so they string you out for a week and then they disappear ???   Its magic !!