I have purchased four different items, over 2000.00 and can't seem to get anything shipped, can't seem to get any return e-mails.....Reverb also doesn't answer emails, I almost wonder if they are still operating, but the do take payments on items.............Has anyone had any experience with them  ???   Its a very nice website, but nobody is home.......... 
I've used them. I purchased from a company not individual when I had a question I contacted the company direct. 
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EBM:    And what would you call a real web-site ??
They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Etsy, inc. which is publicly traded and doing well. 
Music Direct etc.Good luck enjoy.
I bought a dBX 124 sold as tested.
Didn't work. Easier to get my 224's going.
They sent me a return label and full refund. 2020.
My biggest problem is no-body will answer emails ....I even emailed Reverb direct and they haven't answered.........I wish I could get away with that ?? Will
Just so you know a lot of folks took two weeks off. Two different companies I dabble with didn't answer the phone for two weeks, one was in Canada, what's that got to do with US turkey DAY (now a week) and I guess the new "week" has been extended to, (you got it) TWO WEEKS.

LAZY comes to mind....

It's not that tough out there.... :-)

At some point people need to go back to some kind of work....This is not a vacation anymore, but a lot of people are riding the wave.......Its really bad, when you think of what Americans are capable of producing in short order........I hope we all survive this.           W
I hope we all survive this.           W


We'll do just fine, and yes this is one great country... Nothing wrong with wondering..  I made it through the Reagan era! Everybody was out of work...Now, it's just not as bad...Be ready though... Gotta be a little rain sometimes... (That was a song ay?)

Best wishes to all..