revels f32 compared to vandersteens 2ce sigs

looking to upgrade my old 2c listening to the revels b&w and vandersteens new 2ce sigs my 2c are 26 years old looking for something new power source threshold s500 with mark levison pre amp and cambridgh 650 bd ariston turntable
I have F32's and bought them at a Vandersteen dealer. In short two totally different voices and presentations. More detail, larger sound stage, articulation, etc.,really no comparison. If you like the Vandersteen voice you may not be happy. I obviously was not into the Vandy. No slam on the Vandy product, please don't interpret my comments as such. Some speakers have their own sound e.g. B&W, Theil, Klipsch, and Revel, even Bose, the list goes on. You really need to listen for a time to make the change. Everyone has their own taste and we are so fortunate to live in a country and a time that we have choices. Not only can we decide between a Corvette or a Porsche, we can pick the color. If you are buying new I strongly recommend an in home trial period. You may want to look at the 3's or Quattros. Personnally money no object I love the 7's. And one last note: I meant no offense to any owners of the brands mentioned, they just came to mind as speakers that have a specific timbre.