RevelF32 in good shape, or RevelF50 in bad shape?

Hello Everybody!
I could use some help here. I'd like to buy a pair of speakers. I could buy a pair of Revel F32 in very good shape for 1000 pounds, or a pair of Revel F50 in pretty bad shape with serviced mid woofers.
The first question is, how big the gap is between the two quality wise? I have the DK Design VS1 Reference MK3 amplifier and the Sony SCD-XA 5400 SACD player with a pair of Bower&Wilkins 604S3 speakers.
I don't have chance to demo them, so I have to make up my mind based on my knowledge and based on yours...........! Thanks for any advise.
As an owner of F32's I can tell you that I looked at Revel for a few years before I bought and the F30 as well as the F50 were on my wish list. Then I was told the F32 and F52 were about to be released, so I waited. My thought is by the F32 since they 1)are in better shape 2)newer technology in drivers, cabinets and crossovers. I did like the F50's in the showroom but I feel that the F32 is very very close in performance and may surpass in bass delivery and imaging when in the right setup.
Just my opinion. Good Luck.
Hi Theo,
thank you so much. This is all I have to know. I have owned the F30 few years back, and I was really crazy for it's performance. A friend has almost the same system as mine, and the "little"F30 sounds fantastic. I seen this F50 in bad shape on ebay, and I was thinking to buy it, but I'm afraid of those mid bass speakers, which are were serviced by audax technicians. Not like I have any problem with them, but I'm not sure if the speakers have the same spec after fixing those blown voice coils. Would anyone able to tell me, if those mid woofers 100% fixable? The F32 is in 10/9 shape, so that would be the logical choice, but I never heard any of them, and this is why I hesitate so much. Thanks again, Tibor:-)
It depends on what the servicing is. Two solutions to the problem are good. One is a simple replacement of the driver, I don't think you can fix a burnt voice coil as in truly blown drovers. The second could have been a rotted suround being replaced, this also is benign if done by a pro and in your case it probably was. I should have added a third possibility, the actual cones suffered damage. Onc again if done by a pro a reconing job could be quite benign.
The fact that both drivers had service is not unusual as the owner would have wanted to ensure equal sound coming from both speakers, I know I did that with my JM labs speakers I removed both tweeters but only one was damaged I uised the actual JM tweeters for that because a friend of mine is a speaker repair guy who had access to them.
I don't think I can help much as I've only heard theF32's a few times, but thought they were quite good. I did spend about two years with the F50's and thought they were very good as well and a bargain. The 50's didn't have precise detail or unlimited musicality of more upscale units, but the mid bass punch was the best I've had in my home , including my Salon's.
Thank you so much for everyone. You GUYS helped me a lot. One more questions please. This is what the owner e-mailed me today: e-mail one
Everything is completely original apart from the mid range drivers which have been repaired by Wembley Loudspeakers at quite a high cost! The voice coil lead out wires had broken off inside the mid range units so they had to strip them and replace the coils.

Audax actually made the drive units for Revel. That is quite normal as you may or not know. Not all speaker manufacturers make their own drive units. They are not "off the shelf" replacements but are the original speaker units repaired. All bass and tweeter units are untouched.

Any more queries, more than welcome.
E-mail two:
Hi Tibor

They are to original spec, not modified. All bass units and both tweeters are original and not repaired. Both mids are original too but have been repaired, as advised in another message.

It is quite normal for speaker manufacturers to buy in drive units (built to their own specification) and there are no Audax stickers anywhere. I just know, by looking at them and the "made in France" stickers that they are Audax. They are not replacements.

Hope that helps.



Is it possible that REVEL uses AUDAX drivers?

Thanks for your time!!!
a couple guys on ebay are hawking audax drivers as replacements for the f30/32/50, and they look identical to the originals, but it's not positive whether they the exact same. i'd contact revel directly and ask them.
fwiw, i agree with the f32 recommendation--as a longtime owner i've never heard huge difference between the f30/32 and the much pricier f50--the f50s are slightly bigger and have an extra driver which i assume gives 'em some more midbass oomph, but they don't actually extend any deeper, and the specs are almost identical, so you might as well get the one in prime condition. just make sure you have enough power--they need lots of wattage.
Yba-us, the decision is ultimately yours to make. Non of us have a dog in the fight. But as Loomisjohnson suggests, I add that concur with his opinion. Buy the newer technology and speakers that you know are in good working condition. Sometimes the writing is on the wall, when someone is telling you that their item has had repairs and that they aren't all OEM parts. I have to ask myself, what isn't he telling me, then I decide. Depending on your room and system, I think the F32's will serve you very well for many years to come. As far as bass extension, I am continually amazed at the bass I can receive from mine as well as the detail and timbre is very pleasing to my ears. All just my opinion of course.
O.K. Guys! I have heard enough now. I'll go for the F32. Such a brand like REVEL probably never takes any step backwards, so I can't go wrong anyhow. I have loved my revel before, so I'm sure I'll love the F32 too.
I'm not worry about power, since I have the DK Design VS1 Reference MK3 amplifier on hand. It could drive anything so far.
Thanks for every advice and thoughts.

Music forever!!!:-)
Obviously a response 2 years later but if anyone is interested...

I heard from a knowledgeable dealer friend of mine that there were/are issues with the drivers going on the F50. He had 2 pair he took in trade and although neither of the those pairs had drivers that had failed he upgraded all 4 speakers to the F50A drivers just to be safe.

He felt he would end up taking the F50s back otherwise from clients when the drivers went and this way he's got F50As to sell.