revelationaudio labs cable never delivered

first ,I apologize if my english is not exactly what i would try to explain
i am yves from france ,would like to share here my disappointment,not to be respected by a company ( or maybe a man ,think he is lonely ) who is not delivering my pair of cables purchased and paid since 8 january 2017, Db25-umbilical power for mc intosh preamp 1100 usd the pair
the no respectis not because of a constant postpone lead time but  is coming from the communication ",always saying ready next week ,it is in the  cooker for the best"
promise,and then nothing
at the end I asked this guy "Brad Vojtech " to refund my paypal account ,then no answer ,what should I think

as anyone the same poor experience with revelationaudio labs,wants to know I it is a bad luck story or if this company is a rogue one ,
best regards

Sorry to hear about your troubles. This seems to be the pattern with the seller. Eight months is a long time to ’prepare and cook’ hand made cables. Your best bet is to open a dispute with PayPal.

You can also file a complaint with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,

I was in the similar situation and it took a Paypal dispute to resolve the matter. Also anytime you start a discussion like this, Brad gets them removed from Audiogon.

On a positive note, he does make good quality cables.
Hi latik
thanks for your support , you are right i will complain to Paypal ,so my story is not unique

 before this conversation would be deleted by the forum moderator 
audiogon communauty has to know the trouble to buy cables to revelation audio labs despite lots of advertising this Company put in Line on this site "customers are very important for us "

best regards