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Has anyone tried the Revelation Paradise Cryo-Silver™ Reference Phono/Tone Arm Interconnect cable ? I was thinking of purchasing one and would like to know how it compares to other high end tonearm cables. I have not been able to find much info on it.
Do a search of the threads for Revelation Audio before you make a payment.
I have done a search i only see one post on the tonearm cable. I wonder why?
There are repeated experiences documented on the various audio websites regarding lengthy delays, products never being delivered, and refunds provided only after disputes had been filed with credit card companies.

Do your due diligence.
I actually found a used set for $400 decent price but not much feedback on how they sound. Revelation Audio has a very convincing write up on their website.
I bought this phono cable about a year and a half ago. They said the cable was burned in at the factory before shipping. So I would expect good sound right out of the box. The sound was just so so. I A/B it with my beloved Graham IC-70. The Graham blew it away. Actually the Revelation was a bit rough sounding to my ears. I ended up returning it back for refund which took a while and many phone calls. The write up on the website was very convincing; however, one listen reveals the truth.
Used or not you're throwing your money away. Listen to the advice already provided.
I am using the Revelation Audio cable in my Helikon/Phantom/Oracle Delphi MKV/ARC PH2 setup. In my system a fully broken-in Revelation tonearm cable is superior to the Graham IC-70 in virtually all performance categories. It is especially more robust and fuller in the mid-range compared to the IC-70. Additionally, it has a lower noise background and allows more detail retrieval. As usual, my caveat is that cable preferences are system and personal preference dependent

Try this link to see some comments by Dr. Splaskin re the Revelation cable:
Thanks GMorris i had already read that forum and that is what peaked my interest in the cables. I was just hoping to find more good reviews on this cable than just one.

I am very happy with the cable. Most of the persons with negative statements may not have actually auditioned the cable in their systems. The bad rap on the company in terms of customer service is not shared by me based on my own personal experience. But in terms of performance, it is an excellent cable. At $400/used it is a very good deal for a cable that if it were sold by a "Name" company would probably go for at least $1500.
02-06-09: Gmorris
Most of the persons with negative statements may not have actually auditioned the cable in their systems.

I have auditioned two RAL power cords and a pair of RAL interconnects, and my statements are based on personal dealings with RAL as well as first hand knowledge of the experience of at least one other RAL customer.

I have not auditioned the tonearm cable, but my comments in this thread are not specifically about the product, but are rather about the service.

In general, I found the products to be excellent.
I am glad you like the cable. I guess Revelation Audio might have improved the cable since I tried it almost two years ago. You are right. Cable is very system dependent. I didn't have good experience with them though in terms of service. The refund process was extremely slow. Who knows. They could have improved their customer service as well.