Revelation III

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Hi there audiophiles, want to know a great new preamp? Its the new Revelation III by non other than the great performer, Stan Warren. Audio has always been great and a lot of fun with Stan but never more than now. In this new mellenium he has continued the great tradition of the Revelation Basic and the Revelation II by introducing the newest generation of revealing audio in the Rev III. I chose to request a Rev III in the gain form. The very first of these preamps were buffers but he is offering now a gain preamp and I am the very first recipient of this marvelous electronic wonder. It is absolutely intoxicating ! to say the least and I believe that Stan has once again outdone himself in his discoveries, all about great audio ! I put on the DVD "Diana Krall, Live in Paris". In order to understand the masterful artistry of Jeff Hamilton one must have a Rev III ! I have always been intrigued and fascinater by the mysterious sound of the cymbal. Mr. Hamilton as known by many as "Hammer Man" is an incomparable artist of the cymbal. All of the preamps up until now including the ones of Superphon have difficulty in reproducing the intricate harmonic partials of this unique instrument. But now the Revelation III reveals the hidden mysteries of this instrument. No longer must one imagine the thousands of timbres within the cymbal, and no longer must one listen to these as pots and pans. The Revelation III gets it right ! If you like percussion instruments, piano , vocals, guitar/electric and acoustical , strings, and all music you will be pleased to know that the Revelation III can do it all with freedom and relaxation !
If memory serves me correctly, the first series of Superphon preamps were sold through the "Audio Advisor" catalogue / flyers.
I have a perfect collection of them from the mid 80's on up.
Interesting, I'm digging through my archives to find it.

I just got a Revelation preamp and I do have to agree, it is truly a great piece of audio marvel. I am not into solid state at all but this makes my head turn. It's like it's not even in the system at all.