Revelation Audio Labs cables comparison

Does anyone make a comparison between Revelation Audio Labs (RAL) with other cable such as WyWires or any other brand name? I listened to my friend RAL XLR cable and I am very impress with the sound. However, before putting down major dough, I am hoping AudioGoners expertise can give me some advice which brand name cable is sound as good or better than the RAL. Does cryogenic treated cable sound much better than regular cable? My system is Wadia 860i, Mark Levison Amp, and Revel Speakers. Thanks a million for your help.

I use RAL interconnects and speaker cables. They're both very good. Ultimately, I decided on JPS SC-3 over these as the speaker cable (twice/price) with my line arrays, which gave a fuller and more detailed upper bass, and a slightly bigger soundstage. The RAL were close though, and probably slightly more neutral, and considerably better than some Gabriel Gold Rev and Audience Maestro. I presently use the Testaments on my Piegas.

The interconnects are a good match into my Aloia amp. I went back and forth between these and the HT Cyberlight. The Cyberlight being slightly more natural and 'ethereal' and the RAL more focused and detailed. No experience with Wywires IMS.

Two caveats: #1, you've got to try them in your system, as synergy and taste is key, but these are very good cables, compared to other direct-marketed high value cables I've tried, and #2, I had a very frustrating time dealing with the company. It took WAY too long to get my cables shipped, enduring one excuse after another, to the point I bought something else while waiting and sold them (out of frustration) but later bought some more, used from Audiogon, since I missed their clean sound. Maybe they've changed their policies, but buyer beware.
Yes, it tooks at least 4 weeks to get the speaker cables. The Neotech 02525, silver cable, sonically sounds very close to the RAL. However the RAL is a tad better in detail, not much though. I replace my entire system with RAL cables, XLRs, powers and speakers cables and quite very happy with it. Is there some thing better out there within this price range? perhap or not. I heard Less loss power cord is pretty good. I might try them out next. I usually spend around $500-$1500 for the cables, any thing else above this price range, for me, I think is too much.
Revelation Audio Labs has a bad reputation on the internet.

I for one order some cables from him long ago. The guy gave me a tracking number for USPS, and the number didn't work, package never arrived. Checked with the seller, he kept saying that USPS didn't update the tracking number and promised that he already dispatched the cables. Until the PayPal protection period was gone (45 days or something) and he never replied my emails since then. Very bad experience with this company and the owner himself.