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I've had good correspondence with Brad prior to purchasing but that drastically subsided post payment & I have not received any replies for nearly 2 months.

Is there anyone who knows him that can elucidate...?
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Looking at this posts, I think I'm lucky in having received one. I would need some help though in properly connecting it to Bryston BDA-3.

I had hard time to make it work: none of the ports on my PC seemed to provide connectivity between the DAC and the PC. After more than 2 hours of trying different combinations and angles I finally had connectivity. Needless to say, it sounds amazing.

I contacted the vendor (True Audiophile) asking if something may be wrong with the cable. My expectation was not to find such a finicky alignment between cable and USB ports with everything in a perfect angle to make it work.

The vendor contacted RAL (Brad Vojtech) who said that is the actual expectation and nothing is wrong with the cable.

Did anybody in the community face similar challenges? Should I expect signal conduit to work only on one single port in my PC and only in a very specific angle? This seems very unstable, not sure there is anything I can do to make it more reliable (e.g. with a support of some sort).

I'm considering returning it. What could be another USB cable with similar sound quality?

Please let me know your comments, thank you!

Been waiting 9 months for a cable
There are plenty of other options in USB cables in $300-$1K range....there is no reason one should wait for 9 months. 

I am currently using a Kimber Kable - KS2436, far better Cable than RAL USB. 
That's been an on going problem for some time over there. Still hasn't straightend up.
all ral wires are out of my system now. ethernet and hdmi cable too heavy with poor connection. power cords had such a bad odor when i opened the box. i had to put them in the system downstairs. good luck to all who choose to deal with brad / ral.