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I've had good correspondence with Brad prior to purchasing but that drastically subsided post payment & I have not received any replies for nearly 2 months.

Is there anyone who knows him that can elucidate...?
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Search Revelation Audio Labs in the archives here and on Google. There is plenty of info about this very type of thing occurring with Brad. It is too bad that he is still able to get away with it.
Thanks for letting me know.
I paid for the cables 3 months ago & have not received them or had a reply for nearly 2 months.
I wasn't aware that he has a reputation for this; he told me he was busy...
What cables did you order?
I ordered a DB-25 & an XLR.
I've opened a PayPal case to claim a refund.
I saw some 2008 posts in another forum where the cable purchaser was having a similar problem. He contacted the following entity, which resulted in receipt of the cables:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
I also ordered some custom umbillical cables Sept. 2013 from Brad at Revelation which were never delivered. Some months after ordering multiple emails went unanswered. I paid using Paypal but unfortunately via instant transfer from my bank rather than credit card so I reported the nondelivery but had no recourse to get back the payment.

I no longer have the component that I was going to use the cables for so I have let the situation go but just to warn everyone as well about ordering from this guy.
Brad just listed one of his cables on Audiogon for sale.
He has 100% feedback over the last 12 months.
Just trying to make some sense of this.
cfchew, I would pursue this as Maxima 95 stated in the post above yours. Not having the components any more is no reason to allow the man to steal from you. I personally went through a protracted purchasing experience exactly like those described here and on many other places on the internet. I eventually got my cable but it was not a fun experience. I would NEVER again send Brad Vojtech any money, nor would I recommend anyone else send him their money. Do so at your own risk.
I'm curious, how did brad's cables have a tied-up with Empirical Audio, as an optional item in Steve 's DAC online sales site? What good reputation did he have? 
THAT was my experience.  he goes silent.  he owes me almost 1000 but disappears.
sorry to say a crook.  do not deal with him.
I had the same experience, and escalated the claim through PayPal.  He never ship the cables for 2 months after transaction.  Hopefully I can get my money back but I think PayPal should blacklist his account.
Just opened the dispute with Paypal. I have been waiting for my cables for over one month. 

So far I received two bogus USPS shipment notifications. 

Buyers beware!!!!

PS: Don't fall for his 30 days audition guarantee either.  
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did the buyers who used pay-pal get their money back? it appears i may be a victim as well. i'm preparing to go on offense this week, after being stroked for 2 months. same story as those above.

I got my cables within 10 days after opening the dispute with Paypal. 
Thank you for response lalitK.

Interesting..I bought an ethernet cable from  Brad about 30 days ago and received it right away without any problem. Great cable too..
I bought the same thing 2 months ago. Received it in about 5 days. Liked it so much i ordered 2 power cords and a hdmi cable. received ethernet cable 04/22/2017. ordered the other 3 wires 04/23/2017. Brad contacted me via e-mail after i left positive feed back for the ethernet cable. offered me a deal. i said yes.......... e-mailed Brad this morning. His last chance to make it rite.
jr19....have you tried calling him..?..just a thought..He is ..i think...a solo act. other cable makes on this forum have had similar issues with not being able to get orders out ...I guess they are entitled to having a life outside of audio too..!
I agree. I'm not here to pile on Brad. we communicate via e-mail to keep a record of the details. i received a tracking number tonight at 10:30. if anyone wants a update, i will provide. let's see what happens.

got my wires. quality looks good, as expected.
Update, I am currently going through the same arduous and painful process of wrangling a set of paid-for cables from Brad, as mentioned in previous posts. Like others, I'm not trying to 'pile up' on the guy, but if it's going to take 12+ weeks to get product, he should clearly state this somewhere in his lengthy product description. I finally had to resort to filing a dispute both here and with PayPal to get him to respond to my inquiries. Might be great cable, but this audio pilgrim will never buy from him again. 
I've had good experiences with Brad.  He is always been responsive by email, usually within the same day.
I have been waiting 3 months+ for the headphone cable. Same thing: great communication prior to sale, but since payment he has gone silent.

I am choosing to just assume it is similar to Double Helix Headphone Cables. They have a 4-5 month wait time.

I have his dual USB and it is incredible. However, I purchased the USB cable second hand.  Maybe thats the way to go?
Looking at this posts, I think I'm lucky in having received one. I would need some help though in properly connecting it to Bryston BDA-3.

I had hard time to make it work: none of the ports on my PC seemed to provide connectivity between the DAC and the PC. After more than 2 hours of trying different combinations and angles I finally had connectivity. Needless to say, it sounds amazing.

I contacted the vendor (True Audiophile) asking if something may be wrong with the cable. My expectation was not to find such a finicky alignment between cable and USB ports with everything in a perfect angle to make it work.

The vendor contacted RAL (Brad Vojtech) who said that is the actual expectation and nothing is wrong with the cable.

Did anybody in the community face similar challenges? Should I expect signal conduit to work only on one single port in my PC and only in a very specific angle? This seems very unstable, not sure there is anything I can do to make it more reliable (e.g. with a support of some sort).

I'm considering returning it. What could be another USB cable with similar sound quality?

Please let me know your comments, thank you!

Been waiting 9 months for a cable
There are plenty of other options in USB cables in $300-$1K range....there is no reason one should wait for 9 months. 

I am currently using a Kimber Kable - KS2436, far better Cable than RAL USB. 
That's been an on going problem for some time over there. Still hasn't straightend up.
all ral wires are out of my system now. ethernet and hdmi cable too heavy with poor connection. power cords had such a bad odor when i opened the box. i had to put them in the system downstairs. good luck to all who choose to deal with brad / ral.
I  was surprised to find this thread on Audiogon I bought a Umbilical cable from RAL for $400 for my ModWright LS 36.5DM .I also had problems getting the cables it took 32 days I guess I lucked out  what concerns me more is the claims of 5N silver before I powered up my preamp I got a hold of Dan Wright to ask about Brad and his work,  his response was make sure Brad knows what he is doing and Modwight would not be responsible for damage. I had no idea Brad had a bad reputation I was lucky there doesn't seem to be a problem but I am not sure it sounds better than my ModWright umbilical  , I may send it to Dan Wright to have it checked out I will keep Audiogon members updated   please forgive my messy writing 

Modwright uses Wywire umbilical cords, which is a very good cord. I have no experience with Brad’s umbilical but I can’t imagine his cord being better than Wywires.  Wywires is known for their high quality cables and impeccable customer service. 

I used to own RAL Ethernet and DB-25 umbilicals. They are no longer in my system. 
@Lalitk, thanks for the reply. I do own a Wywires umbilical for my Oppo / ModWright 205 Truth Mod I have talked to Alex a few times on the phone 
I tried two times to get Alex to make a umbilical for the ModWright LS 36.5DM said he would look into doing that for me but he never got back,  these kind of moves are finishing touches on a already fine system I have been using CCAC with great success for the last fifteen years I may send the original umbilical to Mel at CCAC that would be the best thing to do for my system I am not sure why I didn't get a hold of Mel to begin with,  I am sceptical about CryoSilver that pure 5N silver is not easy to get and Cryo it's hard to believe that claim, thanks again 
@goofy I’m also a fan of WyWires cabling. Yet, if you’re looking for pure silver, call Jonny at Snake River Audio. He’s as honest, friendly and reliable as they come. A class act.
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