Revel Voice owners I need a favor


I had some replacement wooden panels for a Voice speaker made to replace some damaged in shipping and the carpenter did not plane them down to the same thickness...the countersunk screws won't go thru to the body of the speaker. Could one of ya measure the thickness of the wooden panels and let me know what it is so i can have my new ones planed to the correct thickness?


The wood is 5/8" thick and the allen screw is sunk in about 1/8" as best I can tell.
thanks a ton--admire your system

Welcome. Very nice system you have there also. I am starting to put together a computer based music server. I just have not had the time to finish. I am mostly into vinyl as you can tell in the pictures. I think a hi res Digital music server would compliment the analog part of the system very nicely. All I need is time and more time.
you will love going to a IMac has 650 CDs .on it and sounds great...cant beat the convenience...and I stream music up to the multi channel home theater via an Apple preamp, DAC,
speaker cables and amps are on the way for up thee too...once I get it set up will post it on the systems page...