Revel Utopia speaker delamination

I am just curious how common this defect is. I own a pair of revel Utopia Gems and one of the woofers has had the surround separate/delaminate from the basket. After searching the web I have found other instances of this defect occurring. I contacted Revel and they admitted that this happens to the Gem woofer, Salon mid, and also the Voice mid. I am told by Revel that this cannot be repaired and the driver must be replaced. There are no original drivers available but a new driver with redesigned basket is available for $635.37!!! or $908.93 in Canada!!!
I realize that this is an older model but come on it's not that old, plus it was their flagship speaker line and priced accordingly. This is a factory/design defect that may or may not effect the other 3 woofers. Buyer beware if you are considering a Revel Utopia speaker purchase.
Oy! And should I assume the redesigned driver will sound different from the original driver still in the other speaker of your Utopia Gem stereo pair?
Same problem with Infinity, speakers that are only a few years out of warranty, no parts available, since Harmon bought out Infinity they went down the tubes, i hope Harmon doesn't do the same thing to Revel.
I think you mean Ultima Gem not utopia
Fun fact, the thread WAS titled Ultima Gem. Audiogon censorship changed it to Utopia. They must be a sponsor.
Each speaker has 2 woofers so yes I worry about a sound mismatch with a new redesigned driver. Not only between the pair but also in the affected single speaker.
Thanks for heads up on what to avoid and I "like" these repair ripoff-ers too.
I also figure why everybody should love ebay the owner of audiogon tha has still an amateur development crew