revel upgrade?

Does anyone know if studios/ salons will be upgradable to the upcoming new ultima speakers that will replace the current models?
Upgradeable as in replacing parts on the current models to "turn them into" the new ones? I kind of doubt it since the HSG reps at CES indicated that the new line would look a lot less "out there". They didn't say exactly how, only that the new look would be more traditional and not so ultra-modern.

If there are major cabinet design changes, which the above seems to indicate, then I doubt there will be an upgrade path. Now, they could conceivably offer some kind of trade-up program. But given how long the line has been around, I don't know if they want to mess with taking back pairs that could be almost 10 years old (Salon production started in 1998 and I'm assuming new products would roll out next year).

Talk to the people at Revel. I own the Salons and I don't believe there is any upgrade from current Ultima line to Ultima2 line.