Revel Ultima Sub 30

I bought two Revel Ultima Sub 30s and one of them is a little messier in its build quality (around the sub woofer cone you can see the translucent sealant on one of them, but not on the other one).

Does anyone think this could be an issue, or does Revel thoroughly test them out before sending them out to make sure that they will work at 100% capacity despite any slightly noticable visual anomalies?

Does anyone know how I might test it out to see if it is flawed in any way? I have a Mic and ETF, as well as some other programs. What would I do to figure out if there are problems with it?

The only thing I can think of is to measure one in a position in the room, then switch it with the other one and measure that one and see if the results are different when both have the same settings... Thanks.
First off if it bothers you contact Revel or your dealer for a possible swap out.

Second Revel tests all their speakers to be within something like 0.5 Db of reference before they go out of the factory, so I think sonically you are pretty safe, if the visual aspect bothers you, contact them and discuss it. If on the other hand you bought them used, keep the grills on and don't fret.
It is normal to have visual abnormalities of this nature though? I could care less how it looks, I'm just worried about performance. You have to be pretty close up to it to see that the sealant is showing on one and not the other...