Revel Ultima Salons front and NHT 2.9 rear?

I am a complete novice when it comes to HT. I have a nice 2 channel system that I will hold on the for a very long time.

Sony SCD-1 SACD player
Bryston BP25 pre-amp
Bryston 4B-ST amp (soon to be replace by Bryston 14B-ST)
Revel Ultima Salon speakers
PowerMax 1000+ conditioner, old Yamaha Tuner, old Arcam Cd player

I recently changed speakers from NHT 2.9 to Revel Ultima Salon. I have the NHT 2.9s up for sale but I recently started thinking that maybe I should hold on to them for the eventual day that I buy my self a house (3 years time). I am dreaming of the day I have a nice huge basement to put my stereo and future HT system.

Will the NHT 2.9 speakers work as rear HT speakers along with the Revel's up front? What are the speaker synergy issues people consider when they setup a HT (5.1) system? I could always buy something like the Revel M20 monitors for the rear. The NHT 2.9's are some very nice speakers and I am not sure if I should part with them.

I don't think I will get many multi-channel music recordings. So my HT movie sound doesn't need to be as fancy as my current 2 channel audio cababilities.

While am at it. Does anyone know whether I could add some type of HT surround processer (Lexicon or whatever ??) as an input to my Bryston BP25 pre-amp.
Don't even think about it. They are different sounding speakers. Get the matching REvel speakers and be done with it. Anyting else is cutting yourself short I think.
Good luck
As I was reading this I was thinking "Don't even think about it" and scrolled down to see forevers message. If you have Revel Salons and don't get Revel Embraces or use Revel ultima Gems for years you have just wasted a lot of money. The M20s might work fine, but it is important to match specific mfgrs. speaker when doing surround. The only exception is in subs, which is where you can vary. I have Revel Studios, Voice, Embrace in my main system. You could also use the Performa Surrounds as rears and People I have talked to at Revel felt that would be appropriate.
Thanks for the response. Guess I'll get rid of my old NHT 2.9's.