Revel Ultima Salon 2

How good are the  Revel Ultima Salon 2 Some reveiws say there better than the IRS Betas
Well they have been out on the market for about ten years and have had countless reviews and demo notes if you look around. 
When I heard a dealer demo they did sound good and very detailed if a little dry. Also bring a big a** amp with lots of current to the party. 
I have listened to them on several occasions. I agree with mofojo. They are very good. Best when paired with a great amp with large transformer, high current and slightly to the warm side of neutral. Think CODA, SimAudio, Pass Labs, Audio Research, Mark Levinson.
I have had them for about 6 years.  Have not felt the need to listen to many others or replace.
[1] Very natural and transparent sound - good "balance" base to treble
[2] a tad (very tad) reticent in the upper mid register of the human voice, but its not a big deal and its a bit room dependent; not a boom box speaker - the bass is musical and goes down to the floor - but it doesn't shake the house either.  It maintains pitch and PRAT which is what I was looking for.
[3] Takes up power - but I am driving it three different amps at times - they all work and sound great (but a tad different) - for large power top to bottom, have some DAC Ultra Cherry Mono (its a 800W PWM amp) - amp is good not great.  Have a Wells Audio Immorata which is a great SS amp (great is not hyperbole - check out Jeff Wells amp!) - this is as good a sound I've heard from traditional speakers using SS without spending the next level up in both amp and speaker $.  But - it really sounds the best with my PrimaLuna Dialogue HP amplifier (very nice tube amp using KT150s to generate around 96W ) for a lot of music outside of very complex and dynamic music.  
[4] Easy to use speakers in that you can walk around the room or house without only sitting in the sweet spot of the room, and still get a reasonable fine and balanced stage, resolution, and tonal balance
[5] Look great
[6] Not really super-duper expensive, but probably gets you 80-90% of the ultra-speakers (at $100,000+) at about 15% of the price...
[7] If you really miss "in your face sound" then go buy some tickets to a live concert with the savings otherwise, for most good sources and very good equipment chain (you probably have to spend $20,000-$30,000 source to amp and cables to equal the speaker).
[8] Not the last word in sound stage, not the last word in macrodynamics, not the last word in very fine resolution - but you probably have to spend more or warp your taste in other areas to do much better in an all arounder sense of the word
[9] If I lost these speakers somehow, I'd still put them on my list to test and predict 50/50 I'd still buy them over the competition at the same level or $ or slightly higher.
Had them for about18 months now. I moved to the Salons from Paradigm Signature 8s. Both speakers use Be for their tweeters and, in listening to both, you can identify the similarity in sound signature. However, the similarity between the two speakers ends at the use of the same element for their tweeters. The Revel presents a top yo bottom integration and refinement in sound. These speakers have to be on spikes or some such support.

For the first week that I had them, I placed the unsupported base on a carpeted surface. I thought that I was hearing a very good low end. Then I spiked the speakers and was treated to what sounded like 'less' bass but also to a refinement in the low signal that really showed why these speakers are so special. These are so insanely articulate.

in the 18 months since acquiring them, I have not fiddled with the boundary controls and the tweeter refinements. One of these days, when I have the time, I'm going to see how those controls change the listener experience.

I pair the Revels with an Ayre VX-5 Twenty. Until a few weeks ago, I had used an Ayre V5xe. The difference is tangible. The VX-5 is far more powerful than the V5xe - not just in the numbers but in the way that the music is presented with urgency. The VX-5 is a highly refined amplifier with bags of power, it facilitated using the Revel's top to bottom seamless deliver and the setting up of a gorgeous soundstage.