Revel Ultima Gem & Cary CAD 805?


Anyone have any experience with the Cary CAD 805C or AE with Revel Ultima Gems? I don't listen really loud but I don't want to be really limited either. I do listen to some demanding music.

Revels like power. The Cary may sound good but your won't get the most out of your speakers.
hi. one of my good freinds has the gems with a revel b15 sub, and rogue audio m150 monoblocks. His system sounds wonderful !! It can take most music, loud. it wont rock quite like his older snell xa75 towers , led zeplen or the beasty boys dont have the sock and punch, but everthing else is pretty awesome sounding. revels can be partnered with tubes , good luck, chrissain
I have the Revel Gems with a Cary SLI 80 I run in triode. Sounds great but I wish I had a little more power.