Revel Ultima 3?

I am seeing that Revel has released the new Performa 3 line. Anyone know if the Ultima 3 is in order or not? A prospect buyer, but not if I know the 3 will be out soon. Thanks!
To my knowledge there is no evidence indicating an Ultima 3 is even on the drawing board. If history means anything, the original Salon had a ten year lifespan. The Salon 2 I believe came out in late 2007 or early 2008.

The Ultima 2, I own the Studio 2, still compares favorably with the current state of the art. There are so many used Ultima 2 bargains out there I would have no hesitation. I still can't figure out how Revel managed to come up with a tweeter that, at the same time, is so transparent and revealing, yet is smooth and easy on the ears. The Salon 2 review in the Absolute Sound said it best. It really does make bad recordings easier to listen too.
I only wish!! It might drive the Ultima 2's used value down a bit where I could get a pair..
I wouldn't wait for the Ultima 3 even if it was on the way. I still prefer the first series to the second. And I have owned both.
I spoke to Revel recently and there is currently no Ultima Salon 3 in the works. Their R&D Department is just looking at potential ideas.
The Ultima 2 tweeter goes high, but it is not ultra responsive or ultra detailed. Because it goes high it sounds detailed, but it does bridge over detail that a few other tweeters get.....but very few get more detail without some resonance and "false detail". That's how the Salon 2 does the trick of sounding so detailed and yet easy and forgiving of recordings.

This does not take away from the incredible performer that the Salon 2 is. So underpriced compared to the cult and boutique offerings of "high end". A wonderful balance of sound that invites listening and enjoying music, yet with more detail, transparency, and range than any Harbeth or other such "medium detail" speaker.

If you want to hear A LOT but have musicality too the Salon 2 is hard to beat.