Revel ultima 2 salon owners biwire or not

How many of you are biwiring your salon2's
Do you find it to make a noticeable difference
I am awaiting a pair of the salon2 soon
My system
Basis 2200 signature with vector4
Aesthetix Rhea signature
Ayre c5xe
Parasound jc1
Bat 51se
Speaker cables kubala emotion non biwire

I can't speak for the Salon 2 but biamping and biwiring did increase the resolution and my enjoyment of the first Salons.
I have Revel F-52 and bi wire was a big improvement. It increased clarity and cohesion.
Congratulations on the Salon 2s. I'm very happy with my pair. Unless you bi-amp, bi-wiring is a waste. Revel even says so in the owners manual. 10 gauge zip cord works great.
I have tried bi-wiring with my old Revel Studios and did not hear any improvement. I will be setting my new Salon 2s tomorrow and it will single wire.
I also used to have a pair of studios
I biwired with audienceau24 with good results when compared with single wire straightwire black silc
I would be interested in your impressions with single wiring
When you get your salon 2's. What sc are you using?

Speaker cables are Audioquest Everest and interconnects are Sky. I tried bi-wiring with 2 pairs of Everest.
I initially bi wired. Prefer single wire with my current setup frankly. Using Audioquest CV8 speaker wire - considering upgrading these by the way.

I am very impressed with the Salon2 so far with just single wire. I would just start with single wire. I may try bi-wire later on but I don't expect much improvement if any at all.

I think you will like the Salon2s.
My pair should be arriving in the next 10 days or so
I can't wait
I will try single also and see how things sound
I just purchased a pair of Studio 2's. With my speaker wire if I use the upper, "HF", binding posts I cannot get the door to shut and lock. The door has a lip on the inside. With the lip, there simply isn't enough room for the wires to fit inside the depression, below the lower binding posts, allowing the door to shut.

I took the doors off which appears to be one solution. The other is to cut off the center portion of lip that interferes with the wires. With this design using banana plugs would appear impossible, as would bi-wiring unless one used very thin wire.

I was wondering what you other owners are doing?
I agree, using banana plugs with the door closed seems impossible with these speakers. That was very annoying, because my preferred connector is a locking banana. It sounds like your problem with the upper binding posts is that you are using a thick or inflexible speaker cable. If you want the door to close and you want to biwire you must use a very flexible wire, like zipcord (which I use). If you must use a high-end speaker cable you must open/remove the door, or just use a single wire.