Revel Tweet Break-in after repairs

Hi All,

My Revel Salon speaker is going back to the factory today for repairs. Most likely only to replace the high frequency tweeter up front. I was wondering whether a new tweeter will require break-in time before I get the optimal sound reproduction from it?

I strongly believe that my speaker (left one) got damaged when I played the new Barbra Striesand Dual-Disc remaster of her Guilty disc. I played it through my modified Sony SCD-1 player (Vacuum State Level 4.5 mods). When I played this disc I thought what a crappy sounding disc. There was a warbling sound coming from the damaged speaker and it wasn't Bab's voice doing the warbling. The speaker was fine prior to that listening session.

I guess it serves me right for supporting such a bad format. The disk in question is now in the trash. Anyways, I found out I only liked one song on that disc and I already had an old copy of that song.
"I guess it serves me right for supporting such a bad format".

Wrong! I serves you right for listening to such a crappy singer.

PS Yes, it will take a few weeks to get the tweeter to break in and sound good, and probably a few months until it sounds exactly the same as the other one.

Good Luck!
Why on earth are you sending the speaker back? The tweeter can be replaced by anyone with an Allen wrench and a soldering iron.

Harmon is not insisting that you return the speaker because of some warranty policy, are they?

You'd need to talk to your dealer and to Harmon (and if they tell you to send the speaker back, I strongly suggest you post their explanation here).

PS - I own Salons.
I really don't undersatnd why Revel wants the speaker back. Do they suspect the crossover at all? As Raquel mentioned the dealer should at least be able to do this in his shjop if not in your home. Also I would check into replaceing both tweeters each cabinet to assure they break-in together. I have always replaced drivers in pairs. See if Revel will help you in the cost of the second tweeter at dealer pricing.
My dealer is no longer in business and was also out of state. Speaker was purchased from an Arizona dealer and I am in California now. I tried to contact 2 local dealers on Revel's recomendations. One refused to look at it while the other was going to send it back to Revel. So I decided to send it back myself. I sent it by BaxGlobal for $230.00 and Revel will fix for free and pay return shipping through Watkins.

I was not too keen to open the speaker up because that is not my expertise.

With regards to the crappy singer. I used to think that about her also (I listen to mainly Alternative) but I heard one track on that disc somewhere and I thought it was a stunner. Unfortunately I did not like the rest of the disc. But she does have an incedible voice.

Raquel, I know you own Salons and I have read may of your post before. They are very insightful.

BTW - BAXGlobal will not pick up at a residence (unless you have an account with them). I had them pick up the speaker at my work place. Their web site is slightly misleading on this.
Hi all
I'm a hifi enthusiast from Scandinavia.
I have read this thread with great interest and I like to thank you all for some excellent posts.
Hopefully someone can shed some light on this:
I just bought a pair of Revel Salons from '98. After setting them up in my living room I hear this strange rattling sound from the left front tweeter and I can see the alluminium alloy dome is touching the sound dispersion thing. I tried gently to push the alloy dome back in place, but it kept moving outward. I finally find out, that the alloy dome is actually completely decoupled from the rest of the unit and I can easily pull it out with a piece of duct tape. Have anyone heard about a situation like this before? What could possibly cause this? The speakes were shipped in their original boxes, but could a hard bump during the transportation cause this?
I'd hardly recovered from the initial shock of the damaged tweeter when I realized that the right midrange woofer is completely dead. Could that be the crossover? Seven years is maybe old, but I thought Revel Salons were built to last..
How can I find out what is wrong with the dead midrange woofer?
Yyz, how much did you pay for new tweeters?
Any response is much appreciated.

Regards Thomas