Revel Sub 30 vs JL Audio F113?

Looking for a pair of subs my Ultima Gems, obviously the Sub 30 has the advantage of being designed to work with the Gem and has a built in crossover, it nice that it matches aesthetically as well, but I have heard great things about the Jl's. Anyone have experience with these two subs?
I have an audio friend who had an all revel set up using the sub30 and got the jl audio 113's and bought a bryston xover --thought the jl was an improvement--
Thanks for the response.
Gcecchetto, I think member SGR had the Revel set up. He has or is selling his Revel and JL's. I think he had the sub30's and liked the JL's more. He did not have them very long though. Seems he is moving up to a completely different line and I doubt he is going to use subs. Get in touch with him.
Thanks For the tip!

I have not heard any of the JL's. They get very good reviews all over, however there's always lots JL units for sale on AG. I have an all Revel system including a pair of Sub30's. For music the Revel maybe better due to its design (passive radiotor), the JL may add more punch for movies.

I do believe the SUB30 has more output below 30Hz. Not sure if that would be an issue for you. See review below:
Thanks for the response. The JL's are supposed to be very musical as well. It's really hard to say which is better when you can't hear them side by side. I hate those expensive experiments.
There are a lot of JL's units for sale on AG probably because they have become a leader in subs, look how many Velo's are for sale on AG...