Revel Studios and Tube Amps

Hey folks,

Can you share some of your experiences using Revel Studios with tube-driven amplification? I'm considering a 30-60 watt tube amp, but I'm worried that the studios require more power than I'm considering.

Probably but your room and listening habits are factors. I use them with 200wpc tubes and similar SS amps.
I use mine with a 200W Levinson amp. (I used to use a 100W Levinson amp, and while it worked acceptably, it sounds much better with more power.)
I really think that 100W is about the minimum, but to be honest, I have not tried it with less.

Good Luck and keep me posted if you do try it with less.
I believe Kal Rubinson of Stereophile uses SF Power 3s with his Studios...
Vide supra!
Ive run my Salons with 35 watt Triode tubes recently. The Salons are a bit more difficult to drive than the Studio's but in my room(24'x14'x8')35 watts is more than enough power to push the speakers in the the mid to high 90 db range.

50-100 watts of power is PLENTY to push those Studios properly(which I used to own) in all but the largest cathedral ceiling rooms.