Revel Studios and?

I just bought a pair of Revel Studios and have no idea what componentry to buy that will complement these (87db). I took them to a local store and had a shootout with B + W 802's and lost badly. The amp was a CJ 2500a and preamp cj pv 14l with a sony 777es cd player. I like the tube sound, but must admit to being a novice at this game. I need a preamp , amp,cd player, turntable and interconnects. Any suggestions?
I use the Sonic Frontiers Line3 and Power3 with the Studios with wonderful results. Another amp that complements them is the Classe CAM350. Commenting on the rest of the components makes for too many variables.
Mark Levinson. I almost bought the Studio's. They sound GREAT. I heard them with the low powered stuff(the newer mono blocks-125watts). I'm still looking at speakers. Good Luck.
Either get the Levinson 300 or 400 series or for a little less the Proceed HPA,s. I have used both on my studios and the sound is great. I just bought off brand mono amps call harmonic precsion from Star sound tech that are extremely efficient almost tube like in their sound and at a little over 100 wpc have a remarkable dynamic and musical sound. I love the ML stuff but these were so warm and melodic I bought them anyway. The safe bet is ML.
I have a pair of Revel Studios in a 13.5 X 16 room that has a 9 foot ceiling. I bought a Mark Levinson 335 amp (250 wpc @ 8 ohms) to power them. As it turns out, that much power was not necessary in my room.

In retrospect, the ML334 (along with my ML 380S preamp) would have been perfectly adequate for all but the most demanding circumstances. (The 334 and 335 essentually sound identical.)

Anyhow, I have owned this setup for a while now, and could not be more pleased. I believe the Levinson products are a perfect synergistic match for the Revels.........after all they are manufactured by the same corporation. To date, I have been thrilled with the combination. I hope this helps.

Good luck, and enjoy the music.
I have to agree with the fellows using Mark Levinson equipment. It is a great match for the Studios. I have had my Studios for quite a while now.
I am using them with a Levinson 380 preamp and a pair of Levinson 33H monoblocks, with a Wadia 861 cd player. Before that I had them hooked up to a Levinson 332, and then two 332's in a biamped configuration. One 332 would have been very adequate. I really wanted the monoblocks, at the time, but just could not spring for them. The two 332's just seemed like a good experiment. And it worked, wonderfully.
I have been very happy with this combination. I did try several different sets of speaker cables, before I settled on Audioquest Calderas in a biwire setup.
If you would like to biamp a set of the Levinson 3 series dual monos, let me know. I have a set of CZ Gel y-adapters, from Madrigal, for that purpose. They are in great shape, and I no longer need them.
You will enjoy the Studios, whatever you choose to power them with. Have Fun! That's the main thing.
Thanks alot guys and btw the guys at Madrigal also recommended the ML stuff, but they're not exactly objective.
The guy at the hifi store in Manhattan also said ML was the best you could buy. He also put the Burmester Rondo 992 CD player in the mix and that was amazing. Wish I had an unlimited budget but sometimes a treasure can be found on this site. Thanks for all the input. It's much appreciated.