Revel Studio2, Thiel 3.7 or Wilson Sophia 2

Considering these 3 speakers to upgrade my current system. Room is 16 X 19 by 9.

Current gear:
- Anthem AVM30
- Anthem MCA50
- Denon 2910 (to be replaced shortly with the OPPO 83 SE)
- Revel F32/C32
- Velodyne HGS10

I listen to mostly Jazz (contemporary), some rock and classical.

System is used mostly for music (60-70%) with an occasional movie.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

IMO..Never liked the Studio2s,way too sterile..Know nothing about the 3.7 as Thiel never appealed to me in the past so I never went out of my way to listen to them..The Sophia2 is a special speaker and this is coming from a guy who doesnt like the Wilson sound ie.W/P line.Also the prices are coming down on this site on the 2 ( rumour is a next generation in the near future)..Have you ever considered Dynaudio?? Worth a listen,great with jazz..I also agree that any of the speakers on your short list will need better gear
Thanks for the initial comments.

I live in AR and don't have many high end dealers nearby. Therefore, i'm trying to narrow down the options so that I can plan a trip to a metro area to listen.

As for Dynaudio, I'm willing to consider. I have seen some reviews but never have listened to any of their models. Any particular models?
Oftem times the peroformance of speakers depends on the equipment they are associated with, especially amps. Make sure they use decent components to play these speakers. Also try these speakers with different components to see if they can easily integrate with them. These speakers are high quality and great performers. It all comes down to your taste.
You really just need to hear them for your self. Technically the 3.7s are better than the Sophias. I know Wilson lovers are yelling BS but some people just don't like the true when it dissagrees with them. BUT and it is a big but, just because something is better on paper (and the real world) does not mean you will like it better.

I have only demoed these speaks but have heard them a few times each in well set up dealers.

Anyway the 3.7 are more balaned tonally, have more even dispersion, have more detail in the midrage and highs, and less hash in the highs. I also think passive radiators help bring down the box noise and eliminates port noise...The down fall of them for many people is they claim they are dry sounding.

The Sophia has more bass in the 80z range which gives them more punch and wieght in the lower end. The midrange also has a little more heft to it as well compaired to the 3.7s. But some people (myself included) would call it coloration.

But really they are both great speakers and you really can't go wrong. Just use your own ears. But save enough money for a new pre and amp.

Sorry for the spelling I posted from my phone.
I would say personal preference, and gear synergy should be the deciding factor. However I've heard all 3 of these at length. The Sophias will be the most cooperative with the widest array of gear meaning even a somewhat low powered tube amp will sound pretty good. The other two require high powered amplification and are really designed for high power SS. I personally think the 3.7 is an excellent speaker and a good value. I find the Revels dry and the Sophias over rated.