Revel Studio vs. JM Lab Micro BE

I have pair of Revel Studio driven by BAT VK 300x integrated.

My dealer suggested to switch new JM Lab's in order to get better result with BAT integrated. I do not have intention to change the amplifier or budget to change it.

I will highly appreciate your regarded opinion and experience on this


It would all depend on the efficiency of the JM Labs.
You've got a great pair of speakers, I've owned them. As you improve your system, they will sound better and better. I'd take the money the dealer wants you to spend on JM Labs and buy some electronics. Going to a system high power amp like an Adcom and Adcom preamp would probably sound much better.
I find it hard to understand your motivation. (The dealer's motivation is a given.) What is it about the system performance that you find lacking? What would you hope to gain from the smaller JMLabs?

My immediate thought is that you might want more power from a heftier amp but, without knowledge of the rest of the room/setup, I am guessing.
I have the Studios as well, and really, really like them.
However, I use a Mark Levinson No. 23 amp (SS with 200W/ch.) The additional power really helps open up the sound, especially in the bass.

It seems to me that you are going to have to make a decision, to either switch out the Studios (which are a bit power hungry), or switch to a more powerful amp (and since you currently use an integrated amp, that might mean switching to seperate preamp and amp).

My advice would be to ask your dealer to lend you a more powerful amp (if you have a preout on your BAT, you won't need to borrow a preamp). Then make the decision on whether that is the sound you are going for. (It is typically easier to get lent amps and/or preamps from your dealer, than speakers. If you are going to buy new, the dealer should be willing to help you out.)

As far Sgr's recommendation to use Adcom, I am not sure about that, as I think the quality of Adcom is below that of both the BAT and the Studios. (However, I have not seriously heard Adcom for quite a few years. If Sgr says they have improved in quality in the last 5 or 10 years, then this might be a good avenue to explore, as they are less expensive. I would recommend any of the better and more powerful SS units (ie. Levinson, Krell, Rowland, etc..)

My two cents worth, anyway. Good Luck!
Some comments about the Adcom 5805 paired with the Revel Studios appear in my review of the Adcom in the March 2004 Stereophile.
I haven't heard the Adcom amp recently, but I believe there have been several mentions of this combination maybe by Kal Rubinson in Stereophile. I based my recomendations on 1. a need for more power, 2. It seems money is an issue, 3. I owned the Adcom 750 preamp for a while it sounds great, 4.You could probably pick up the Adcom units or similar quality amps on Audiogon and greatly improve your system.
Perhaps your BAT has preamp outputs so you could add another amp (maybe even a BAT) and get your speakers to sound like they can.
The JM Labs BE are a great speaker line but the two times I heard them with BAT amps I was very disappointed. This doesn't mean that no BAT amps will work but the JM Lab speaker need the right amps to shine (the Burmesters sound great with them). Though, overall, I like the Altos and Novas more than the Studios, I would find moving from the Studios to the Micros a step down particularly in the bass department. The Studios are great speakers, don't give up on them but get them some good SS power like the Parasound JC1s or even the Tact amps which I heard with the Studios and sounded great.
First, thank you all of you who shared his opinion and experience.

The problem is my budget does not allow me to step up on amplification. I thought,downsizing the speaker might bring more synergy with my integrated.

My setup;
Burmester 979
Chord Dac 64
BAT VK 300x integrated
Magnum Dynalab 100
Synergistic Designers Ref. Speakers&Interconnects

I use to have Tact RCS 2.0 & Millenium MKII. But I traded of the Tact Equipment for BAT İntegrated and am happier with it. Because BAT is much more musical than TACTs.

Contrary to the above set up, how come the delers's
4 thousand dollars budget setup with small DALI bookshelf speakers gives better sounding impression to me ?

With some reference recordings, indeed my system sounds incredible. But with most others no. I am trying to get most involving sound am curious how this dealer can get with 4k budget system .

Again, I recommend room treatment first. It is possible Studio is too powerful in a room with bass issue. Or your room could be too much echo for the revealing Studio. When you hear a 4K system in dealer's place and more impressed, the difference is the "room". I suffered room issue before and swap electronics and speakers frequently, but it turned out the best way is to fix the room. Once it if fixed, then the better components sound better, otherwise the more revealing high/bass gears always expose the problem and sound bad.
Hafler 9505 [250x2] has a very high slew rate that will optimize the Studios abilities. Retail $2k but they are discounted as low as $1400.