Revel studio + voice Best amps Bryston or Proceed

im looking for some good amps to run my Revels,just bought them and just running an old Rotel.has any body used Brystons with them + the Proceed amps ar any other amp?
iv been offerd a plinus oden 7 channel.
You should find a lot of information regarding your question in previous threads.
A lot of people use Mark Levinson amps to drive Revel's speakers. That's as much help as I can give you.
I use a Mark Levinson No. 23 (200wpc), and I really like the sound. Whichever amp you get, I suggest that it have either plenty of power (150 wpc minimum) or plenty of current (i.e. monoblocks), or preferably both. I originally had a Levinson No. 27 (100wpc), and while the sound was pretty good, it really opened up the dynamic range when I doubled the power with the No. 23.

Remember that the Studios are fairly inefficient at 4 ohms, and have fairly low sensitivity at 86 db. Remember this if you decide to try out tube amps. (I.e. get pretty big monoblocks.) Also, the Revels are pretty revealing, so use the best electronics you can afford.

Good Luck in your choice.
Revel Salon and Bryston 7B-SST monoblocks. Great combo. I'll be keeping these 2 together for the next 20+ years (or as long as the speaker lasts). Powerful and controlled sound. I tried my old Bryston 4B-ST with the Salons and found it lacked enough power.
I have a pair of Studios and a Bryston 14B-SST, very similar in power and design to the 7B-SST monoblocks used by Yyz. I agree with him that this is a great combo. With my Muse 10 CD player running straight into the Bryston, the sound is as clean, detailed, and non-fatiguing as I have heard.
jeff rowland
no question- the best i have heard with my studios
and i have had all the other you mentioned
the rowland is in a class all its own
so much so- i will never my studios otherwise.
hope this helps
As long as you have enough power, the Studios seem to work pretty well with most amps. I've heard them with Bryston 7BsSSTs and they certainly work well together. Levinson or Bryston amps are popular matches with the Studios so no worries.