Revel Studio s great speakers

I was shopping for speakers that seemed like years. I narrowed the selection down to a few. Thiel CS 6, Nautilus 802's and the JM Mezzo Utopia's. Well when I was on the chat section asking advise I got a suggestion to interview a pair of Revel studios. THe last is always the best. I bought a pair. I really like them and the build quality is first rate. Sonically they are the great mix and balance of the full spectrum that I was seeking. The write ups on Stereophile and various other publications led me to realize I will not go wrong getting these speakers. I am now on a mission to listen to every CD in my collection..... again.
They are rempacing my Vandy's 3 and my electronics are Krell KSA200s and Krell Audio Video Standard.
I too absolutely loved the Studio's over quite a few other speakers (B&W, Wilson, Aerial, etc.) I made the mistake of trying out the Revel Salon. once I heard them - I had to have them. been in love ever since. (Krell FPB600, Wadia 27ix/270, Nordost Quattro Fil/SPM cables)
Yea, I love mine too and started replaying every cd to hear how real everything sounds. I think they are very well balanced speakers and very neutral tone. Excellent detail. They sound even better now that I replaced my Levinson amp with a Pass Labs Aleph Amp.
Yea, - I agree. I listened to the ULTIMA SYSTEM after auditioning the Salon. Well, THAT was the speaker(-system) I wanted!! (Wadia270/27ix, McIntosh MC2000, Kimber Select 1130, Nordost SPM)