Revel Studio or Salon?

Just listened to the Ultimat Studios in a room about 16 x 9 x 20 and they sounded wonderful. Actually better then wonderful. The question is I have a room about twice as long as the show room and am wondering if the base will hold up pushing a larger volume? The Studios were being driven by a 150w/c Naim and I have a 400 w/c Krell (at 4 ohms)so I don't have a power problem. THe question is do I have to go to the Salons? The dealer said the studios were better in some regards (imaging and frequency down to about 30Hz) and of course cheaper. I asked Revel and guess what? They said the Salons are $3-5K better. Daaa. The Salons place the tweeter about 5 inches higher then the Studios which I believe are at exactly the right hight for seated listeners.
I'd go with the Salons...I have a pair & I love them. I've also listened to the Studios & it is a great speaker as well but for a room of your size I'd go with the Salons. You won't be disappointed.

I'd go with the ULTIMA SYSTEM (GEMS + SUB15).
Not as BIG as the Salon and better in many respects.
THey are wonderful speakers!
Good luck!
Doesn't matter which you choose..... I had Gems and loved them, but decided to get Studios, which are wonderful. Then I bought the Sub15 system (mostly for HT, but it sounds so good with the Studios). The tweeters on the Studios are just right for the listener's ear height. I wanted to buy Salons when I first heard of them, but when I saw how large they are, I decided not to put something that huge in my room. They are about the same size of a refrigerator (but not as wide). Try to get any of the ones with Aluminum sides, since it makes them that much stiffer and heavier and hence less distortion.
If you primarily listen to music I would recommend the Salons. HT or HT and music then seriously consider the Ultima. I would not buy the Studios for your size room.
I think the Salons are worth the difference in price, and have voted with my wallet. Both are terrific at their pricepoints, but the Salons deliver more than enough in image size and apparent ease of reproduction to justify the premium.
I have installed both in rather large rooms and there are a couple of differences. For instance, although the Salons have multiple drivers recreating the midrange, sonically there's little difference between the two speakers. Some argue that midrange purity is better in the Studios, I'd agree, but with conditions. If you're sitting close to the speakers - less than 12 feet way - there does appear to be a better sonic image with the Studios. Beyond that, the gap narrows quickly. Bass response is also very similar. Of course the Salons can go down deeper, but the Studios present bass with identical weight, clarity and musicallity. You also mentioned tweeter level. Yes, the Salons are positioned a little high, but their wide dispersement design compensates for their height. Additionally, I have found most speaker tweeters are too low, especially for home theater where tiered seating is installed. I will tell you the same thing I tell my customers. Independently, both the Studios and Salons represent what is possibly the highest level of achievement in speakers. The bargain here is really the Studios. It's 98% of the Salons, but if you have the means and are going to ask what if everytime you play your system, get the Salons because trading up can be expensive.
I was in the same dilemma but decided to keep the Studio. I am using the $$$ to upgrade my rear speakers to Revel Embrace which will complete my Revel HT system - Studios, Voice, Embrace and B15.

I agree with Mg123 on the B15. It even works well for 2 channel music. I may get another one.
There are a pair of new Studios for sale here for $7500. Wish I was in the market. Check it out if you haven't already.
To MG123
Your comments about aluminum sides bothered me so I contacted Revel directly. Here is there reply.


While the addition of the panels to the speaker body will add some
additional dampening, the speaker enclosures themselves are measured and
built (and measured) so that they have very little resonance standing
freely, without panels. You're right in that the Aluminum is not solid, but
a sheet of Aluminum applied to the panel, just as the other finishes are.

Thank you for your interest in Revel.

Todd Sutherland
Madrigal Audio
what's the better sound overall, anybody care to comment