Revel Studio or Revel Salon?

I been looking for a pair of great speaker and I read many great thing on the Studio and Salon. My question is that if the Salon is really that much better to justify the price different. I have also been looking at the Wilson's Watt/Puppies 6 or 7. How do they compare to the Revel.

The Revel sound is completely different from the Wilson. I prefer the sound of the watt/puppies over the Salons or Studios. Just depends on
your ears. To me, the big Revel speakers sound too big, like you're listening to an acoustic guitar the size of a referigerator, which doesn't sound natural to me. The Revels will also need tons of amplification to
get them to sound right whereas the watt/puppies are more efficient.
Bottom line: You need to hear both of them to see what sounds right to you.
If it is not a question of money, it's easy. Go with the Salon's. Buy 'em used here for less than $10K.
They are both great speakers. A lot depends on your room size and your system. I started with the Studios and traded up to the Salons. Both speakers are very accurate and like the best in equipment if possible, but you could still easily buy the speakers first and then improve your amps, front end, etc. and here the difference. There are people who are critical of these speakers, but when you get your system dialed in look out. I've never been able to compare the Watt/Puppies to the Revels as there are no dealers here, but from what I've read, the Wilsons might be more exciting out of the box and sound better at most dealers. The Revels (especially the Salons) are fussier in set up but more accurate, (they mirror your source and playback system.)But again, once you provide what they need I think you'll be happy.
If you provide more details about your system I could give you more info.
I heard these speakers one day and wanted to buy them on the spot. Ended up buying the Salons used here in Audiogon for 10K. Best purchase I ever made. This is after a year of owning the speakers.

The speakers need lots of power and quality componenets. I do not have the most expensive gear but there are quite a lot of quality components at moderate prices that can make these speakers shine. I am happy I spent the largest portion of my budget on the Salons.

I love the huge soundstage, incredible detail, and pinpoint imaging it provides. One thing that stands out for me about these speakers is how coherent they sound across the entire frequencey range. The sound produced seems so realistic to these ears. Of note, the amount of detail and clarity you get from the Salons 3 bass drivers is pretty impressive. I listen to stuff like Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Earth Wind & Fire, etc...

I have heard and Wilson Watt 7 speakers at the San Francisco Home Entertainment show. This system got a lot of rave reviews by the people I spoke with. It was in a large room and was using very high quality components and cabling. Even though I thought they sounded excellent, I didn't have the same emotional connection with these speakers as with the Salons.

For me, the Salons are a long term keeper.
I have listened to the Salons and they have the smoothest, most liquid midrange of any speaker I have ever heard! You could do a lot worse. dats da name a dat tune!
Here is the audio truth regarding the Revels v/s Wilson Watts. Buy the Revel Studios. I'll say it again. Buy the Revel Studios. I have heard Wilson Watts in every generation in which they have been marketed. What are we in now? Number 7? If David Wilson would get it right the first time, he would not be in generation 7. Wilsons are accurate? Maybe, but I think even that statement is very very dependent upon what electronics are driving them. For example, I have heard them teamed with Spectral. I thought they sounded like garbage. I have heard them teamed with Levinson and thought they sounded very good. BUT! Did I ever hear them and say that I thought they are worth $22K? NO! The Revel Studios are the biggest bargain, particularly if you get them at Audiogon for $6K or $7K. They fit into a room easily, are sized so you will not have strange room reflections requiring accoustical room treatments, are highly accurate and at the same time really musical. You won't need another dynamic loudspeaker. I have attended several audio shows, visited many high-end shops, and have owned Revel Studios for 4 years. I can only say that I might trade them in for Martin-Logan Prodigies - if I had sufficient room for them which I do not - or Avalon Eidelons which I cannot afford. Wilsons? They have crippled value in the used market since Wilson keeps trying to get it right with successive generations which you can rest assured will be in your local shop in the near future. I recommend the Studios over the Salons only because I think they are better integrated in the smaller cabinet with fewer drivers and can fit into a room much more easily unless you have a big space. Yes, they do require excellent electronics and speaker cables, but the Wilsons will also.
Unless you have a very large room, go with the Studio's. As far as Revel vs. Watt Puppy's, it is a matter of personnel preference, equipment, and tastes. I found the W/P 7's to suite my needs. To me, the Revel's were a bit lifeless.
Eliner, truth is.... the WP is not on it's 7th version. F155mph, my advice is to listen for yourself and determine what you prefer. Get what you are happy with. I would agree that Studio's for 6-7k would be a great bargain, if that's what you are looking for. Good Luck
I found that I prefered the Revel sound myself to the Wilson sound. I can't describe why, I think they just sounded "right". (But if you prefer the Wilson sound, go for it. If the money is an issue, consider the Wilson Sophia, as it is the competition to the Studio.)
I like my studios as they are very dynamic and accurate, image and soundstage great, and have very good bass. (Not as good as the Salon, though, as they go all the way down to 20 Hz.)
You need a very large room and a large amp to use the Salon, as they can sound boomy in a small room.

Now, if you are considering the W/P 7, I advise you to listen to the Avalon Eidolon as they cost about the same. This is the speaker to beat in its price range. You can find them used for around $12K, and they look gorgeous, as well as sound incredible. (They are very revealing, and require lots of power and great electronics.) If I could have afforded them, (and the electronics to match!), I would have bought them.

Good Luck in your search!
One word-----Dali Euphonia-----

Oops, that was 2 words. Sorry.

Hope I didn't confuse the issue.

Maybe I've never heard the Revel Salons set up right, but I have heard them with Levinson 33H monoblocks and a Levinson front end. They sounded like a real good PA system. Not very refined. And the cabinets and drivers weren't very impressive, either. They'd probably be great if they cost about $8,000. But at $19,000 -- or whatever they're up to now, you can get a lot better speaker. The Wilsons pretty much embarrass the Revels. IMHO.
Ive owned and sold the Revel Salon and Studio. Regardless of room size(unless its a closet)the Salon is a better speaker regardless of price. Midrange clarity and bass definition and extension is better on the Salons no question.