Revel Studio, Legacy Whispers, B&W N802

I am looking at these three speakers and was wondering what the groups thoughts are on these three sets of speakers. My main listening is classic rock, with small amounts of jazz, classical, big band.

Any help would be appreciated.
Legacy Whispers sound best in my opinion. Revel Studio is nice but not worth the price and B&W, to me, always sounded on the dry side. My 2 cents.
The B&W's can sound very "wet" and liquid when used with a tube preamp and tube amps. I used a vk50se with ss amps and I was amazed and dumfounded. I believed my speakers sounded dry. Well, its all about setup and componentry. I am of the belief that one should buy a component they believe is the best choice for them and then max out its potential through proper set up and tweaks.
I've heard the Studio and the Whispers. The Studio has very good soundstaging and imaging but sounded dry to me--I'll agree with Timo on this. The Whispers are a very engaging, pleasing, detailed speaker. The lowest bass is not there with them, so you may actually need a subwoofer, but otherwise they are to my ears the more enjoyable speaker.