Revel Studio 1, B&W 802N or Sonus Faber Cremonas

Where to start with this question. I am pretty much starting over with my system and I would like to get some opinions. I currently do not own anything but I have owned alot over the last 10 years. I have owned speakers from Revel, B&W and Sonus Faber (to name a few) but not the above mentioned. I enjoy a musical sound with excellent imaging and transparency. I am thinking about going with a Primare stack (Pre30, A32 amp and CD31) or a Parasound stack (JC2 pre, A21 amp) and the Ayre CX-7e cd player. Or the Mcintosh MA7000 integrated with the Ayre Cx-7e cd player. Cables are unknown at this time. I would just like to get opinions on which speakers with which electronics. I would be happy with any of the speakers but I am unsure on the electronics. Your comments are very much appreciated!!
My recommendation would be Revel, McIntosh and Ayre.
Revel, Mac and Ayre sounds good. The Revel would give you better bass over the Sonus but the Sonus would sound a bit more natural. Don't like B&W at all.
Your post makes no sense..Pick your speakers first,then match gear to them..
I think your post makes perfect sense.

Your room size is going to play a big factor in how much power you will need. If you have a very big room then I would go with the amp that puts out the most power. I would assume you have a decent sized room or you wouldn't be looking at such big speakers.

It's pretty hard to beat the bang for the buck factor of an integrated. My opinion is that you can get an integrated that sounds as good or better than a preamp at the same price and you still have to buy an amp and a set of cables and a power cord and another shelf space etc...

Given the kind of money that your shopping list is I would strongly recommend that you make a phone call to Frank Van Alstine to get yourself started. No BS when you call, and the sound/dollars ratio with his stuff is remarkable.
Thank you all for your input. I am definitly leaning towards the Revel studios as my speaker.
My room is big enough to support any of the speakers listed. Now as far as the cables go I was leaning towards upper end tara labs, transparent or audioquest. What do you think would be the best match for the Revel/Mcintosh combo?
For cables if you can swing Kubala Emotions you would be rewarded. Emotions are great cables and really make a difference unlike most $$$$ cables.
Thank you for your recommendation. I think I will give those a try. As far as the power conditioning goes what do you think? I was thinking about either the Running springs or the PS audio Power Plant premier.
Ejlif..Only a fool would pick up front gear first and match to a speaker,we all know that but I guess you and the original poster..Brandonosman23 ,If your thinking about buying a Running Springs supply(big bucks) and Emotion cables(again big bucks),why are you buying older speakers that have been updated and improved?? Your mindset is a** backwards, take a deep breath and do this..Pick your speakers,spend the most you can possible afford,then match gear to them as you go..Thats how its done..If you like Revel then go for the Salon2,if B&W floats the boat then belly up and get the 802D etc....You can buy all the cables and supplies ya want but the speakers are first and foremost..Everything else is nonsense if your speakers suck!!!

What are you talking about! Just because there are newer models doesn't mean the old models are junk. Pretty soon there will be Salon 3 then are salon 2 junk? Your mindset is ass backwards. I think buying the old model is a very smart thing to do. It's a great way to save money and it will sounds great. Then why would he buy current speakers that are going to be updated and improved one day. Makes no sense.

You are wrong with buying the best possible speakers and short changing yourself on electronics. I've heard $50,000 electronics on $1000 Sony speakers sound amazing. It was done as a demo to prove this. Then they put $2000 electronics on $35,000 speakers and it sound worse then the Sony's. Much worse.

BTW Give me the old Salon's over the new any day. Give me the old Cremona's over the new ones.

Brandonosman23 you are doing the right thing as long as you plan it out like you are. You will have a great system buying off audiogon and buying last generation model's.

Sorry but I 100% agree with Mtdking!! I get the impression that you don't really think I know what I am doing. I have owned around 70 sets of speakers with different electronics over the years. And the whole reason behind this is to hear as much as possible then after I am satisfied I will finally purchase a set of speakers that I can live with. As I said in my post I have owned speakers from each of the companies listed but not the ones I want. The whole reason for this posting is to get opinions from other people who KNOW what they are talking about. You have not offered any opinions on the equipment listed. You have only offered criticism as where Mtdking is actually offerig good advice. Thanks but no to anything you have to say!!
Buying the best speaker you can afford makes no sense???The original Salon is better than the the Salon 2..The older Cremona is better than the M??Whats the saying,remain silent and be thought a fool as to opening your mouth and removing all doubt!!!. I never said short changing on electronics,I never said the older models are junk,I said spend the most you can on speakers and buy electroics as you go..I also stated that upfront gear doesnt matter if your speakers are shit..You guys are funny ,keep it up
Maybe he doesn't want to overspend on speakers and buy electronics over time. Maybe he wants to buy it all at once, ever think of that. It's his money not yours. Why are you getting so upset about it? Does this have any affect on you? My god you are over the top. The question wasn't in what order should he buy. The question was what combo would work best. He's a grown man and I'm sure if he's looking at this level he's been around the block and knows what he is doing.

Did you ever think these speakers might be the best possible speakers for him? Maybe he has a budget for the system and he can't upgrade his electronics over time. It's none of our business he just asked a simple question.

You own Dynaudio C4, maybe you should have bought the best speakers you could :). I think I would keep quite if I own those.....

"I also stated that upfront gear doesn't matter if your speakers are shit." Hey Captain Obvious I think we all know that but the speakers he listed are not shit so I don't know why you keep saying it.

Yes give me the old Salon over the new one all day. I don't buy "high end gear" made in China.....
To the original op. My question would be; what type of music do you listened to most and at what levels? Do you really like to crank it sometimes or do you listen only at low to moderate levels?
This provides a basis for a more informed recommendation.
"Yes give me the old Salon over the new one all day. I don't buy "high end gear" made in China....."

Your loss. Lots of beautiful High End stuff comes from China these days :-)

To the TS: Listen, listen, listen, that's all anyone can say. Recommendations of strangers can be helpfull, but are by no means a guarantee you'll make the right choice. No-one knows your room accoustics, no-one knows the way you listen to music, no-one knows how you make your decisions. Goodluck to you in this quest!
Mtdking ..Your an Idiot!!!
In my opinion, The MA7000 stands as one of the few integrated amplifiers that is able to combine the fluid sound of a short circuit along with the robust and 'large' sound that is typically reserved for separates. It's super linear piece, and that 5-band EQ is so well done that it really allows you to fine tune your system without causing horrible phase shifts. Tis' a great one-box solution.

If you do go that route, than there would be no reason why not to complete the circle by purchasing the MCD-500 SACD/CD player. It's probably the best single-box CD-Player that McIntosh has ever made (the same can arguably be said for the MA7000). This combination is pretty damned good, and moreover, it has a sound that will lend itself well to an extremely wide variety of loudspeakers.

To offer my completely bias opinion: Of your list, I'd say that Sonus Faber makes for the best match with McIntosh gear. I also feel that Sonus Faber produces more of an 'engaging' presentation, albeit colored when sat directly next to Revel's or B&W Nauts. At that price point, I'd mark Sonus Faber down on the short list and then seriously consider a set of TIDAL Piano's, or even go the opposite way and lay down some cash on a used set of Wilson Audio Watt Pup's. I'd rather take an updated set of Watt Puppy 5.1's or 6.1's over any of the Revel Salons anytime, but then again, that is just my own bias.
Considering the qualities you mentioned, the Thiele 2.4's would work very well. My sustem includes the MA7000, Thiele 2.4's and SuperNova cdp. Also remember by using an integrated amp the cable between pre and pa is eliminated.
I have heard Watt Puppy on Mac and Krell. Did not like. Music sounded like it was stuck inside the speaker.(dont bite me, my opinion. Hated the Grand Slam too.) Heard Revel Salon2s on Simaudio and Bryston and liked them very very much. B&W 802 sounds great on Mac or Classe. Put them on more analytical electronics and they will run you out of the room. Harsh. Sonus are great. They are lively. My biggest hesitation with Revel is the Harmon aspect. I did not know they are built in China now. I still vote Revel Salon2 as they are so smooth.
Actually, I would start with stating a budget first. Recommending Salon2's is all nice and well but I sold my Studio 1's for $4,000, which is about 1/3 of what you would pay for Salon2's. You shortlist suggest you are shopping in the 4,000 - 6,000 used range, so let's stick with that parameter. Of the three you mentioned the Studio's and 802 can go head to head and personal preference can swing it either way. I would not put the SF's in the same league, but that is just me. If you won't have a chance to listen personally before buying, I would just take my chances and make sure you get a very good deal ($4,000 for the Studio's is about as low as it gets), so you can always sell at minimal loss should you want to try something else. Live dangerously - throw in a bid for $5,000 for the 802 currently auctioned (You have a few hours left).
The new Revels are not made in China. My Salon2s, purchased earlier this year, were "Made in the USA". I understand Harmon is moving some driver production to Mexico, but I haven't read how it affects the Salon2 series.
They arent as big but PSB Synchrony Ones are spectacular.
My Revel Salon 1s work very well with the Ayre front end . And Revels Ultima line is not made in China .
Regardless of USA Mexico or China, They are extremely high quality. Even at their asking price I feel they surpass many speakers that cost a lot more. Definitely better IMHO than Wilson. Any Wilson.
I don't have any experience with Parasound, however I can say that the SF EAII sings with the PRE30/A30.2/D30.2.