Revel Salons or Studios?

I've heard the Studios in a 18x18x8 demo room. Driven by a 150 w/c Naim. They sounded absolutely stunning. Plenty of bass, dynamics and imaging etc.

So I'm convinced I want a pair but my room is 15x9x40 feet. I'd be driving the speakers with a Krell KSA200s that would develop about 400 w/c at their nominal 4 ohms so I don't think I have a power problem.

The question is will the Studios be OK in a room with approx twice the volumn as the demo room. I'm not looking for an excuse to buy the Salons but I don't want to be surprised (negatively) with a lose of performance when I get the studios home.

No I've not heard the salons nor do I have the option of home demo.
I only have a minute, but I have heard both. My personal opinion, being what my ears told me, since I did not buy either pair, was that the Studio is the "better" speaker. Better to me musically. Now, I did not hear them in the same room, so obviously not at the same time. However, they were both paired with very similar equipment (ML amps and pre-amps). Send a reply and I can give you more details tomorrow.
I'm using Studios in a 20x25x9 room and wish it was twice as big to really get to listen to them.
I listened to both in a reasonably large room, and preferred the Studios.
Where are you going to be sitting in your room? You won't line up everyone along the back wall will you?

If you are really concerned with room acoustics, and I think you are as this is your second post, I suggest reading Doug Self's site if you are not already familiar with it. Long discussions on this topic and a very interesting site.

I have heard the Studio and if powered well it is up to your room. It may sound different. A room 18 by 18 is going to reinforce soundwaves (room resonance) slightly below 30hz if the room was typical. Your room will not.

In addition, there is a lot you can do to tweak a room. Your room is not to large and frankly has better listening dimenions that the audition room. The wall material and furniture, floor covering, will have more to do with the sound than the dimensions. Where you sit will be especially important. Does the room give you a good choice as to where you will sit? If so, you should't worry. Again, go to Self's site for a long discussion about this.

I think you have made a nice choice on your speakers. Very nice really. Enjoy!!!

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Actually is is Art Ludwig's site that talks about this topic. Sorry
Can you share Art's URL?
Kichoi,et.. al : Yes, sorry. I'd Forget my head if it wasn't...The site is

While I am at it I will give you Doug Self's site too because it is worth the look and should be in everyone's fav list.

Also check out (Rod Elliot)

Three of my favorite sites if I have a few extra minutes to kill.

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Clueless. THe listening couch is about 18 feet from the front wall, 14 feet from the speakers, and about 22 feet from the back wall. So I'm in good shape not being close to any boundaries and not near reflections. The entire kitchen is behind me.