Revel Salons driven by VAC 140 monoblocks??

Has anyone out there used VAC 140 monoblocks with Revel Salons? If yes, how did it work (i.e., how did it sound)? Experience running (i) the 140's with the smaller Revel Studio, or (ii) the stereo version of these amps, the "70/70", with the Salon or the Studio, could also be helpful. If you have a response, I would much appreciate info as to the source components and interconnects/speaker cables used.

VAC's 300B-based tube amps (such as the 140's and 70/70's) are quite special, so please refrain from commenting about experience you may have running other tube amps (even if made by VAC) with the Salons.

Thanks in advance.
They will drive the Salon's, but my experience is the thrive on more power.
Revel uses Levinson to design. Why steer away from that?