Revel Salons and Adcom amp, good match?

I just puchased a set of Revel Ultima Salon 1's, and currently have an Adcom 555 200w amp. I am planning on purchasing a dual mono amp soon, but I need to know if this Adcom will be ok to use in the meantime. Not really concerned about the sound quality, just more or less that nothing will get damaged. Thanks for any information.

Thanks for all the responses, this is a big help. Currently looking at a Meridian 557 300w monoblock, nice looking amp, and plenty of power. But it's good to know that I don't have to rush into anything. Thanks again guys...huge help!
I put down the wrong model number for the's actually a model #559, 7 years old.
The nice thing about that adcom is that it has the distortion/clip LEDS on the front. As long as those are not lit up you are not doing any damage.

It is a competant amp- but boy will you be rewarded when you get into something really nice. It should be a fun transition to look forward too.
Look for some Mark Levinson amps.
depending on budget I would look at some Wyred4Sound 500's, Parasound JC1's, a big Mac amp (402), or even a little bit older VTL model, with a lot of power.