Revel Salon2/Studio2/Voice2 amplification???

Looking to amplify S2/St2/Voice 2 for med-large room- +10,000 cu/ft. Salon2 primary for 2ch, the rest for 5.1.

Even bi-amping suggestions pls, especially for front Salon2's. Amps will all be close proximity located to individual speakers.

Any suggestions for this system appreciated.

Sincerely Appreciated!!!
I use Levinson amplification with my Salons with great results. Have also heard them with Classe' electronics with stunning results.
I am going through a similar dilemma. With that size of room - I think tubes are definitely out of the question. A lot depends on budget, but I would look at the Levinson No53s. The 1.2kw McIntosh or 601's are another possibility. The Classe CA-M600's too.

Take a look at the mono block version of the Aesthetix Atlas. That's where I'm leaning for my Salon 2's for the moment. I like the hybrid concept.
If you want to save some dough, the older classe cam 350 mono blocks or the ca 301 stereo amp. They still sound great, better than most, but since they are not the newest model you can pick them up for cheap.
Focusing solely on your 2-channel needs vis-a-vis your Salon 2s, for these speakers in a room that size you need big solid-state power. My 310 wpc into 8 ohms Plinius SB-301 fills my 5600 s.f. room nicely but I would suggest that amount of power as the bare minimum for your room.

And there are plenty of amps that fit the bill. Among current listings here the Mark Levinson 532H stereo (350 wpc) or 436 monos (also 350 wpc), B.A.T. 600SE stereo (350 wpc), Pass X350.5 (350 wpc) would all do the job. Or you could go for more power with say a pair of Edge NL Signature 1 monos (400 wpc), Karan KAS 400 stereo (400 wpc), Pass x600.5 monos (600 wpc), again all listed here. If you require even more power, there's also a pair of Karan KAM 1200s listed that put out 1200 wpc (!).

I would focus on amps that provide bass weight and control - all that woofer mass needs both to be fed and also well-managed. And the beryllium tweeters are so revealing that I'd suggest avoiding brands known for their brightness, and instead look for those that are slightly rolled off or at most neutral in the high end - I'd think Krell for example might prove a bit fatiguing.

For bi-amping the Salon 2s, you might consider using a solid state Class A amp for the high end and Class A/B for the bottom. There's a Plinius SA-103 Class A amp listed at the moment and lately I've been wondering how a Class A top end might pair with my A/B SB-301...
The Aesthetix Atlas is a good call.

If your budget doesn't allow it, take a look at the Sanders Magtech, it will deliver 900 watts/ch into your 4 ohm S2s.
WOW! Thank you all for the kind reponses. SO FAR...I have been looking at Edge NL-1 and Karan KAS 400 for the bottom and Atma-sphere MA 1 mk3 for the top of the S2 for two channel and SS for the other 3.
Just trying to learn a bit more about impedance and output matching....
Happy Listening!