Revel Salon2 speakers & MIT v1.2 speaker cables

I am well aware that this is subjective question. However I would like to hear any & all experiences with this matchup between Revel Salon2 speakers & MIT v1.2 speakercables, & interconnects.

Thank you in advance for your replies!

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With this combination I believe you will be a very happy person. I used to set this up for one of the customer and it sound great
Concur, the MITs go very well with almost everything and I thought they sounded fantastic with the Revel Studio2 when I heard the combo.
I have not heard the combination, but I am very familiar with the Mit Oracle V1.2 speaker cables and interconnects and you will not find anything better for any speaker, unless you go to Mit Oracle MA.
Dear Audiophilers:

Thank you all for your responses. I am enjoying my setup. I do appreciate your time & sharing your experiences.