Revel Salon2 speakers and MIT v1.2 speaker cables

I know this is subjective question. However I would like to know other Audiogoners experience with Revel Salon2 speaker cables and MIT speaker cables. I currently use MIT v1.2 bi-wired. What are your experiences. Thank you in advance for sharing.
Other Equipment:
Bryston 14b SST
Bryston 26
Esoteric UX-3Pi
Tourus Conditioner-20A Balanced
MIT V1.2 RCA interconnects
PS Audio Power Cords
I have the Shotgun S1's running from my MC-501's to my new Salon 2's (not bi-wired, but conected to the bottom terminals)and am not convinced they are the right match. My MIT rep insists that upgrading to the Magnums will make all the diff.........Not so sure??