Revel Salon2 owner: What amps are you using?

What amps are you currently using with the Salon2? Anyone has the Bryston 28B SST square monoblocks with the Salon2? What do you think?
MC501's. The Salon2's are wonderful at low volumes, they give up nothing to monitors but they like watts when they're pushed.
I agree the Salon2 can sound like monitors with solos and simple music, and can sound big and bold when pushed. They do love current.
I am using a Krell EVO 402 thru a BAT Rex preamp. And the sound is extremly satisfying. And I find it the best system I have ever had at low volumes. I can listen well into the evening when the house is sleeping and not disturb anyone--a good thing. I find that even at low volume I get dynamics and clarity, a full music experience.

I have an itch to try some
Audio Research 610s or some MBL 9008s. . . . .
I'm using a Mark Levinson 532H and they sound fantastic while still breaking in.
Hi I'm using a Gamut DI 150 and will bi-amp with the Gamut with D250 mono's in the future ....but even with the DI 150 it sounds fantastic ...and I agree low volume does give up nothing and I happen to listen 90% at low volume....Audio Aero Prestige as a source does not hurt either....
i own salon2 speakers and love them.
i use bryston 28b-sst2 amps and they sound very detailed and balanced.
Very detailed highs and lows.
i prefer vinyl over cd, and still do, but the cd has improved with this system over my prior speakers.
highly recomended.

I have Salon 2s and have been considering getting the 28 SST2s. I'm currently using ARCs LS27 and DS450. Like this combination a lot; however, sometimes it feels like that Salon's would like to have a bit more power that the DS450 offers.

- What preamp are you using?
- What PCs and ICs are you using?
- How is the bottom end with the 28B?

i am using BAT Rex preamp with harmonich technology magic balanced interconnects and old python power calbes.
bottom end is great-more than enough bass for me and very well controlled.
Plinus SB-301 and Plinius M8 pre-amp here.

I definitely feel like a wimp compared to you guys, LOL.