Revel Salon: spikes w/discs or floor protectors?

Is there any noticable difference when the speakers are on spikes resting on a brass coupling discs or hidden inside supplied floor protectors.I would appreciate your input on this issue.Thanks.
If you don't mind damaging your floor i suspect no protection is better....Recently i removed the protectors under the kharma spikes and the result was definitely a better frequency response and a more relaxed sound...Generally i think metal in contact with metal on any part of the system is not the best way to go......Try some different floor protectors to see the differences yourself as every system-room is different....
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I have run my Salons both ways, and, in my system, the use of the spikes with Sound Anchors Conecoasters is far superior to the sound with the Revel floor protectors. Bass articulation is much, much better.

Sound Anchors Conecoasters
Try this it won't cost allot, hockey pucks. Place one puck under each spike but make sure to put blue tack under each puck to the floor. You can use poster putty if you don't have blue tack, works the same and your floor won't get damaged. Let me know what your thoughts are.