Revel Salon:how to detach sides?

I decided to do some cleaning (vacuuming grills from inside,cleaning surrounds,tightening the screws of the drivers etc) but after removing all 6 bolts that hold the side panel i was still unable to let it loose.I am afraid to use too much power in fear of breaking off a piece (mine are wooden,not aluminum).Any advice on how to get the panels detached would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
P.S.I tried all 4 panels with the same result.
The side panels have small rubber mats around the area of bolt holes- these are probably stuck to the main speaker body. You simply have to use force/leverage to separate them, I had same issue but after some judicious use of force the panels came away cleanly. Heat/time and moisture combine to glue the rubber mats to the hard speaker surface.