Revel Salon and Plinius SA102

Any opinions on this combo?
The plinius is 125W into 8ohms (Salons are 6 ohms nominal) but high current.
If your room is not huge and you do not listen to a lot of demanding orchestral music, you should be okay (I believe the Plinius is Class A biased and has pretty stiff power supplies). That said, the Salon is only 87 db. efficient and drops near 3 Ohms in the bass -- it sounds better with beefy amps.

I have run my Salons with 130 watt/channel tube monoblocks in a large room very successfully, but my amps (VAC Renaissance 140/140's) have particularly good output transformers and power supplies, the voltage into our apartment is usually 120-122 volts, and I have each monoblock on a dedicated 25 amp line.
LOL Are you Kidding? "i believe the plinius is class A..." so you're making a prejudgement? The Plinius 102 Owns - Yeah the plinius is 125W at 8 ohms, doubles down to 4 ohms to 250 and is MEGA CURRENT Class A design. The current is more important than just more WPC where a doubling to 250 at 8 ohms = only 3db more headroom? The class Acurrent delivers much more. It will control his Salons with authority, speed and grace. Yes, I've heard the combo. Agree the Salons need power, but the Plinius brings it
I believe you're right Raquel. The Plinius is Class A biased. I would agree with Raquel's assesment. The 102 may be just enough to get the job done. Salons are great but also demanding. The 102 is an awesome amp but, you would probably be better served by the greater current and output capacity available in the 250. I havent heard any of the newer Plinius amps (SB-300 or the SA-201) so I cant comment on these.

I would add that a Plinius and the Salons sound like a good sonic match too.