Revel Salon and Mcintosh MC2000

I'd appreciate advice on this combo.
I'm currently running my Salons with a Plinius SA-102. Though not in the 200+ watt category, it clearly has enough juice for the job.
I've seen good prices lately on refurbished MC2000's and am tempted....
Any reason to think the tube MC2000 would be inferior/superior to the Plinius?
I can tell you from experience with the Salons that they are a very demanding load. At 86dB efficiency with an impedance curve that drops below 4 ohms repeatedly in the bass frequencies, you need an amplifier that can deliver LOTS of current on demand. I am not familiar with the MC2000s, so I can't comment on their current delivery capabilities. My advice, though, is to proceed with caution. There are very few tube amps out ther that are capable of driving this speaker in an optimal manner.
Some years back a friend has Revel Gems and an MC2000.
The Gems took all the MC2000 had, and it wasn't enough.

To avoid disappointment with the Salons, opt for a high-power and high-current solid state amp. Believe me!


Paul :-)