Revel Salon 2 vs. B&W 800D - Compare and Contrast

I'm trying to put together my first great Stereo and I'm focusing on which speakers to center it around. My listening room will is 4,500 sq/ft.

Please help me compare and contrast the B&W 800Ds with the Revel Ultima Salon2s.

Here are some basics to start with:
Revel: 86.4dB
B&W: 90dB

Revel: 14" x 53.25" x 23 "
B&W: 17.7" x46.5" x 25.4"

B&W: $23,000
Revel: $22,000

I heard the B&W 800D speakers last week (as mentioned on my recent post about the Beobab 5 speakers). I was deeply impressed. This Friday I hope to audition the Revel Revel Ultima Salon2s.

What differences should I look for?
Note: I will be picking some kind of solid state amplifier
I have no experiences with the revel, but the best system I heard consists of B&W 800D.

The B&W, Classe amplification, and the Meridian 800 cd simply sound real. Everything are so balanced and propotional!

I have to say I am not a fan of B&W speakers and Classe amp I heard over the years.
I am confused by your post. On the one hand you say the B&W is the best you have heard, and they you say "I am not a fan of B&W speakers"
I did critical testing of the two speakers today. We spend one-and-a-half hours in well equipped listening rooms in New York City.

And the winner...
My wife and I agreed that the B&W sounded the best... By far...
The Revel speakers were much more reserved. The low frequencies were too restrained and the high frequencies did not seem as brilliant. I am not sure of the right terminology, but the Revel speakers seemed flat.

When listening to the B&Ws I came away thinking: this is natural. There is no speaker, there are musicians in the room. Someone has lifted the cloth veil, there is clarity.

However, the reviews of the Revel Salon 2s have been filled with superlatives. I wonder if the fact that I am a somewhat novice listener is clouding my opinion. Perhaps it is like a novice wine drinker preferring sweet wines. Over time many migrate to drier wines.

Will my taste evolve over time to prefer the more restrained sound of the Revels?